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cosmetic braces

As dental techniques have advanced, more people are choosing to undertake treatment with braces.

Sound odd? While this orthodontic treatment was once seen as a burden to your appearance and your social life, there are now many cosmetic aligners and braces which can straighten your smile without disrupting your day-to-day social life.

If you are one of the many people who is seeking a way to straighten your front teeth without the hassle or expense of a long-term brace, there are many options you can choose from. Both clear and invisible aligners offer inconspicuous treatment- not even your closest friends will be able to spot these braces! Many dental surgeries can offer these braces as, unlike traditional aligners, no orthodontic treatment is required, so you can ask your dental team about undertaking any brace from Invisalign to 6 Month Smiles in Northern Ireland!

Are there any other benefits of choosing to undertake a brace like 6 Month Smiles near Northern Ireland? Read on to find out!

Fast treatment

It goes without saying that many people remember their friend in high school who wore traditional braces for what seemed to be years on end. It also goes without saying that many adults would not want to undertake something so time-consuming, visible and expensive.

However, when you choose a cosmetic aligner like 6 Month Smiles from Northern Ireland, as the name suggests, your treatment will be faster than a traditional brace.


Of course, there are few adults and indeed teenagers who want to undertake a treatment which makes them look different, hence why so many adults have historically refused to approach their dentist about braces in the first place.

As the names of these braces suggest, both invisible and clear braces are designed to be visibly discrete, meaning you will have all the benefits of a brace without anyone else knowing you are wearing one!

Easy management

Going back to that friend at high school, you will probably remember that they were regularly going to the orthodontist to have their braces tightened.

Not so with cosmetic braces! While a few of the fitted brands will require some adjusting as you wear them, these will be minor and more spaced apart than those required with regular braces, meaning that they will be easier to manage overall. Not only that, but your regular dentist can adjust them too, without you needing to see an orthodontist.


cosmetic braces

Everyone associates braces with being uncomfortable, especially after tightening.

A cosmetic brace is not only designed to be more comfortable during daily wear but due to the minor adjustments which are required while you wear them, any alterations will be more comfortable too!


The range of dental issues which can be treated with cosmetic, clear or invisible braces is growing. Not too long ago, only minor issues could be corrected with these braces; today, everything from spacing to overcrowding and even overbites can be corrected. Contact your dentist today for more information about trying cosmetic braces.

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