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Understanding a smile’s importance

Our smiles – in particular our teeth and the way they look – play a vital part in our everyday lives. Almost every human interaction we make daily, relies heavily on our smile and its effectiveness. Having a good looking, bright and straight set of teeth is a quality that most people feel indicates another is intelligent, successful and often rich. This association dates as far back as ancient Egypt, and has been prevalent throughout history to this day. The opposite of this is also thought to be true by many of those who have severely misaligned, discoloured or missing teeth. People who have missing teeth struggle daily with what most would consider to be mundane tasks – such as eating or speaking – and can often find it to have a damaging effect on them both mentally and socially. That is why it is important that people who are missing teeth are made aware of dental implants in Birmingham and how they might help to restore their smiles, and their self-esteem.

The dangers of a missing tooth

Beyond the damage that a missing tooth can have on a person’s appearance, reception by others and self-esteem, there are also some long-term health issues which can arise. If a space is left where there once was a tooth which has been lost but not replaced for some time, then the bone tissue within a person’s jaw will eventually redistribute the unstimulated bone tissue under the hole elsewhere. This resulting bone loss usually has a profound and drastic effect on the entire facial structure of the patient, often adding years to their perceived age. Another common problem that is faced sometimes by those who do not treat a missing tooth, is the loss of the ability to speak properly. This is something which manifests and progresses over time, but can have a massively damaging effect on the confidence of a person, and have permanent ramifications.

Dental implant treatment

DentistThankfully however, there is now a treatment which solves the gap within a patient’s mouth on a permanent basis, and can restore their smile to full health. Unlike traditional methods of bridging a gap in somebody’s mouth – like dental bridges or crowns – dental implants do not just sit on the patient’s gum, but rather are embedded within their bone structure on a permanent basis. By fusing a titanium-alloy tooth root (titanium being utilised due to its unique biocompatibility qualities) inside the jawbone of a patient, it can act in a way which is similar to a natural tooth root. In doing so, the patient can have a gap in their teeth filled in such a way that the replacement tooth both looks and feels completely identical to a natural one. Anyone who feels that this sort of treatment could make a real difference to their smile and confidence, should arrange a consultation with their local, trusted cosmetic dentistry practitioner. This would allow them to have their teeth professionally looked over, and enable the practitioner to take the measurements and impressions which would then be used to create the patient’s implant and ultimately restore their smile.

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