Keeping Your Home Well-Insulated This Winter

Winter is a long-awaited season for a lot people because they can finally play their favorite sports, but this is not exactly the case for those who intend to just stay indoors. Protect your home from the cold (and your wallet from the massive heating bill) this winter with these practical and simple hacks:

Keeping Your Home Well-Insulated During Winter

Tip 1: Use thick curtains.

Thick and heavy curtains are great at keeping the cold out of the house, especially at night. While it is ideal to keep the curtains open during the day to let in as much sunlight and heat, they should already be closed by the time dusk sets to retain the heat gathered throughout the day.

Tip 2: Double-glazed windows.

Add another glass pane to your windows to give the house an additional layer of protection. The additional insulation provided by the seal between panes help keep the heat out during the summer and in during the winter.

Tinting your windows is also helpful. Depending on where you are and how harsh the winter can get, there are a lot of reputable home window tinting companies in AZ, CO, and NY that you can consult for the best window tinting options.

Tip 3: Close interior doors.

Closing the doors of unused rooms helps prevent cold air from moving around the house and keeping warm air where it’s supposed to stay.

Tip 4: Double down on your flooring.

layiug down floorboards

Bare floorboards are responsible for at least 10% of heat loss if not properly insulated. If there are cracks or gaps in your floorboards, seal them up with fillers to lessen the chances of warm air leaking through them. Use carpets and rugs as well because they are also for insulation and not just decoration.

Tip 5: Cook up a storm using the oven or broiler.

This is one of the best and yummiest ways to keep your home warm and toasty this winter. Baking, convecting, and broiling helps bring the temperature up in your home, especially for those rooms near the kitchen. For the same reason that ovens are rarely used during the summer, don’t be afraid to roast that turkey or beef during wintertime to warm not just your belly but your home, too.

Tip 6: Move things around.

Some heating vents might have been accidentally covered by furniture and appliances. It is recommended to check behind your pieces of furniture if there are covered vents and move them around. Avoid placing large pieces in front of your radiators so they don’t absorb all the heat.

If you like the way your home is currently set up, don’t worry. It is just a temporary change to maximize the heat circulation around your home. You can always put them back where they were at the end of the season.

Tip 7: Use heat reflector panels.

Radiator panels are easy to install plus they are relatively cheap. They help reflect and direct the heat throughout the room and not just on your walls.

Don’t let the cold indoors this winter and keep your family warm and cozy. There are a lot of other simple hacks you can apply at home, although some of them might not be practical depending on your location. Generally, these hacks can help protect you and yours from the harsh weather conditions winter brings.

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