Keeping Farm Machinery in Good Shape

Farm machinery plays a crucial role in taking care of crops, maintaining high productivity, and ensuring that you harvest on time. That said, they are prone to breakdowns due to frequent use. However, they are likelier to fail or break down completely when proper maintenance is not done.

Here are some general maintenance tips to keep your farm equipment in good shape for as long as possible:

1. Replace parts when needed

Some parts of farm equipment wear out faster than the rest, especially moving parts. Needless to say, replacing them with new agricultural machinery spare parts is much better than waiting for them to start affecting the machine’s efficiency. Make it a point to inspect your machines regularly and look for worn-out components that need replacement.

2. Clean equipment regularly

It is crucial to keep farm machinery clean in order to avoid the buildup of grease, dirt, and residue on both the internal and external parts. When machines are too dirty, it can lead to rusting and clotting, which can cause untimely breakdowns. Moreover, excessive dirt and mud also make it harder to spot cracks and oil leaks.

Aside from cleaning the body of farm equipment, it is also essential to clean out the filters, remove buildups of dirt and debris, and vacuum the inside to get rid of foreign objects. Do this frequently to make cleanup easier each time and avoid the equipment from getting too soiled.

3. Don’t forget to lubricate

Lubrication prevents excessive friction from causing wear and tear to farm equipment’s moving parts. Consequently, it helps prevent expensive repairs and premature replacements. That said, it is important to lubricate your farm equipment regularly after cleaning. Use good quality lubricants as well to ensure that the effects will last.

Not only will proper and regular lubrication help prevent excessive wear and tear of equipment’s moving parts, but it will also help extend machinery service life.


4. Address rust immediately

Rusting is one of the worst killers of farm machinery. When ignored, it eats away at the metal and reduces the machine’s efficiency. Poor productivity and costly repairs usually follow suit.

To prevent rust from eating away at your equipment, store them in a cool, dry place after use. It is also recommended to apply a layer of wax or paint on machinery to protect the inner surface from moisture.

5. Follow a maintenance schedule

Keep track of your machinery’s servicing by following a maintenance schedule. In this way, you what maintenance tasks need to be done and when they need to be done. At the same time, a maintenance schedule helps you keep a record of all the repairs done on a particular piece of equipment.

Preventive maintenance is one of the best ways to keep your machines running for longer, so don’t hesitate to perform maintenance tasks even if everything looks okay.

Proper and regular maintenance is the only way to protect your farm machinery from untimely breakdowns and excessive wear and tear. This, in turn, helps you stay on top of production. Follow these tips to ensure that your machinery will stay efficient for a longer time, saving you from the costs of unnecessary repairs and replacements.

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