The Essential Items You Need Before Moving to a College Dorm

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There’s nothing more exciting than being a college freshman and getting into your dream university. The excitement adds up when you’re finally moving out of your parent’s house and living on your own. While this can bring feelings of homesickness, living alone in college can be a rewarding experience as you move towards adulthood.

By now, you are probably listing down the essentials you need before moving to your college dorm. While bringing personal items helps during the adjustment period, you will need more than just a laptop and bedding to survive an entire school year. You don’t want to call your parents in the middle of a semester asking for things you left at home. If you’re moving to another state, packing things is also difficult.

To save time on packing, it makes sense to prepare and plan before transitioning to dorm room living. In this article, we will provide suggestions on the things you need to pack before the moving day comes.

Electronic equipment

A good Internet connection and a laptop are probably the most important items to survive college. Today, a large portion of learning often happens online, making gadgets an ultimate necessity. Many universities are also holding classes online, where students attend virtual classrooms, submit homework, and access online resources.

College dorms are often shared spaces that can accommodate three to four people. If this is the case, bring a power strip in case the electrical outlets are not enough for the occupants or the desk is too far from the outlet. If your dorm has a very poor heating and cooling system, coordinate with the dorm manager to install a better air-conditioning system. Of course, you don’t want to stay in a room with poor room temperature. As much as possible, make sure your stay will be comfortable as possible.

Aside from the computer and phone, quality earphones or headphones are very helpful during online lectures. Hindrances and noises are always a part of living a college dorm life. If you’re used to a quiet study space, use them to shut out noises and distractions.

If you’re bringing a laptop, a mouse will save you from wrist pain instead of using the trackpad alone. For shared study desks, consider bringing wireless gadgets to prevent cable jungle.

Hygiene tools

Whether you’re at home or school, maintaining good hygiene and health is always a must. Most dorm rooms often have a community bathroom that you’ll be sharing with fellow students. If you have to share bathrooms, a shower basket or caddy will make it easier to bring hygiene products during bathroom trips. This is very helpful to prevent losing and sharing personal items.

A first aid kit is very convenient when you’re sick or injured, especially if the campus clinic is closed. A first aid kit can fit into a small bag that contains medicine for fever and aches, vitamins, a thermometer, Band-Aid, antibiotic ointment, gauze bandage, and other medications.

A complete grooming set will also prove useful if you can’t find the time to visit a salon. These include hair grooming items (i.e., brush, comb, and hairdryer), skin cosmetics, shaving kit, mouthwash, deodorant, nail clipper, etc.

Clothing and linens

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Storage areas in dorm rooms are probably a little smaller than the one you have at home, so make sure to plan the clothes and bedding to bring. You can invest in a clothing rack for additional space for garments.

Bring clothes you think you’ll wear to avoid overpacking. Consider bringing weather-appropriate clothes if the place you’ll be moving in has an unpredictable climate. Business wear and formal clothes will also help in case you get invited to an event. When it comes to bedding, bring a mattress topper, bed sheets, pillows, and pillowcases.

Space management is very essential in college dorms. Closet organizers and storage containers help maximize small spaces to make organizing easier. It can be a medium-sized storage box to hide clutter and store belongings.

Through your dorm may not feel like your home, use the opportunity to customize your space and make it relaxing. Rugs and curtains are the best ways to add color and life to a room, while functional decoration adds character to boring walls.

Living in college dorms can be difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will soon enjoy your stay. Transitioning to college dorm life will be more successful if you have all the items you need. So make your dorm life more comfortable by bringing these essential items to suit your situation.

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