Managing Parkinson’s Disease

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Actor Michael J. Fox and retired boxer Muhammad Ali dedicated their lives to create their own foundations for Parkinson’s research and advocacy, elevating awareness and establishing a platform for the disorder.

Today, many people around the world have Parkinson’s and continue their day-to-day activities. Even with movement disabilities, people can still live quality lives with proper treatment and assistance.

Parkinson’s Disease   

Parkinson’s Disease is a movement disorder where the brain does not produce enough dopamine. This results in symptoms such as trembling hands and arms, stiffness in the body, slow movements, and poor balance.

As the disease progresses, people start experiencing trouble in doing everyday tasks such as walking, talking, speaking or swallowing. On top of these symptoms, people can feel depression, anxiety, or develop sleeping problems.

One of the difficulties people experiencing Parkinson’s Disease face is the difficulty in diagnosing the disorder due to the lack of lab tests for it. Parkinson’s Disease has the typical symptoms listed above but can vary from person to person.

In most cases, the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease show at age 60 or earlier and is more common among men. Parkinson’s Disease is also known to have no cure, meaning that a person will have it for life and can only manage it.


People diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease may experience a range of emotions, especially when diagnosed at a young age. The symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease shouldn’t limit people, even though it’s a movement disorder. Parkinson’s can be managed by the following:

Applying for Benefits

After being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, work may be a problem considering the disorder is progressive. The nature of the disorder also means that making a living can prove to be challenging because of the difficulties in movement.

Fortunately, Parkinson’s disease can be managed with the help of disability applications in Utah that covers many benefits that make life easier.

Diet and Exercise

The importance of exercise and mobility is emphasized for people diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. The movements involved in activities such as biking, swimming, and dancing have shown to improve mobility, coordination, and balance for people having Parkinson’s.

In addition to these activities, people can also benefit from walking for improved body movement and mobility. In addition to regular exercising, maintaining a healthy diet is a good way of promoting a better lifestyle and alleviating the symptoms of Parkinson’s.

A generous serving of fruits and vegetables, for example, boosts fiber intake necessary for the body. Aside from fruits and vegetables, drinking plenty of water maintains hydration and decreases muscle cramping.

Healthcare and Medications

There are many medications made available for successfully treating the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. These medications can be made available through a healthcare team that will assist people in helping manage the developing symptoms of Parkinson’s.

A healthcare team may consist of nurses, therapists, movement specialists, and other trained professionals that can assist people as the disease progresses.

Living Life as it Is

A movement disorder such as Parkinson’s shouldn’t hinder anybody from living a healthier and active lifestyle. By following a healthy diet, active lifestyle, and a good relationship with experts, Parkinson's can be managed effectively.

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