Being Famous: A Dream No One Can Prepare For

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Amy Winehouse is one of those people who physically embodies what being famous and talented can be like. At an early age, Amy discovered her talent for singing, much to the delight of those around her. She caught the attention of many people, but the attention came to her surprise.

The desire to be famous has many interesting perceptions for many people. According to David Giles, Ph.D., seeking out fame is a form of validation for the self from the approval of other people. Most people are happy to live a life outside the spotlight. For others, living a simple life may not be enough.

Fame is a concept that many people clamor for and something many people can underestimate. At first, being famous can be a dream come true; but it can be a nightmare later on. Why do people seek or acquire fame? Some answers include:

  • Past Experiences. Children need attention and may feel overshadowed by the other sibling. If not attention, people may feel rejected or ignored. The abundance or lack of attention, therefore, can inspire them to become famous.
  • Opportunities. People who wish to be famous believe that fame can present them with more opportunities. These opportunities can lead to a better life or the life of any person’s wildest dreams.
  • Timing and Talent. Unsurprisingly, fame can come to those who least expect it. A firefighter, for example, may have his 15 minutes of fame after saving a life. Other than everyday heroes, people also become famous because of their talents and hard work. Amy Winehouse is a clear example of a talented individual well known for singing and got the fame she never asked for.

Fame Has a Price

Not all famous people and celebrities crumble from the drawbacks of all the attention they’re getting. Some people thrive in the spotlight and have no problems being the center of attention. On the other hand, fame can take a toll on people unprepared or not asking for it at all.

The Uncontrollable Nature of Fame

One of the difficult aspects of being famous is that it comes out of nowhere and cannot be controlled. Amy Winehouse mentions in her bio-documentary, Amy, that she probably couldn’t have handled the fame and that it was terrifying.

The sudden arrival of fame can affect our emotions, psychology, and relationships around us. It also follows people wherever they go, making privacy a luxury to famous people. Long story short, fame brings people to a whole new reality with little or no preparation.

The Public Perception

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Celebrities have also understood fame in many ways. One celebrity in particular claims that fame has made him some sort of an “entity” and less of a person. The continuous glare of the spotlight can leave people to feel like less of themselves and lose their sense of self.

This can affect a person’s self-image and perception. A celebrity, for example, may feel the need to have breast implants near Utah because of her changing perceptions towards herself. Other celebrities felt that fame entrapped them and developed a lack of trust in the world.

Being famous felt like being trapped in a cage and constantly being invaded by the public eye. It is the image of being swarmed by the paparazzi and feeling nervous when walking outside.

Making it Work

There is nothing wrong with being famous; however, people should be aware of what they’re asking for. Being aware of the pitfalls, undergoing psychotherapy and being mindful is essential for anyone ready to step into the public eye.

Besides the mental preparation, finding success in fame also means having a life outside of it. In the same documentary, Amy Winehouse admitted that if she could give back the fame to walk the streets peacefully, she would have done it.

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