Why Redesigning Your Kitchen Is a Must for Families

Kitchen renovation

They say that the families who eat together stay together. Perhaps, that is the reason why families need to renovate and redesign their kitchens and dining rooms. This is where they spend most of their time as a family. They gather here to cook, share meals, laugh at their days, and talk about anything under the sun. More than any other room in your house, the kitchen is witness to many treasured memories among family members.

There is a great kitchen design in Kansas City and other cities that you can choose. You can get a homey and countryside-styled kitchen. You can have a rustic kitchen where the countertop is made of distressed wood. You can select an island instead of a bar countertop. You can go with a traditional stove, or you can choose a modern kitchen appliance. Whatever you decide to have in your kitchen, one thing must be prioritized: the comfort of the family.

Make sure that everyone agrees to the design of the kitchen. They have to agree to change the modern countertops to rustic ones. They need to be at home in that kitchen. The kids need to understand that the kitchen is where you’ll share meals and stories. When you received the go-signal from your family, you can start renovating your kitchen.

Family Life Is Fulfilling

Surveys showed that family is the most fulfilling thing for people. Even highly successful people feel more fulfilled when they can spend time with their families. They prefer this over making money with their businesses or careers. A shared meal is the source of many benefits for the family. Here, they can talk about their days and share problems in schools and offices. Parents get to know their children better because of shared dinners. Children can better understand why their parents seem exhausted when they hear stories about their work.

Happier Children

Eating healthyChildren with families that eat together are less likely to suffer from anxiety. They also have better self-esteem. During these dinners, families can bond and communicate. This has a direct influence on the mental and emotional well-being of the children. Research showed that happier children do better in school, too.

Less Screen Time Means Fewer Calories

When you eat face-to-face with your family, you don’t only communicate better, you eat less unhealthy food, too. According to studies, people are likely to have unhealthy eating habits when they eat while watching TV. Avoiding screen time is essential to children, especially during mealtime.

Love Hormone

Eating with the family releases a hormone called oxytocin. This is also referred to as the love hormone. It’s the same hormone that our body releases when we fall in love. That’s why kids who share meals with their parents end up feeling a lot happier. They can better maintain healthy relationships compared to their peers who don’t share meals with their families.

At the center of these are your kitchen and dining room. It all begins there. When your kids can hang around the kitchen while you cook, those are the fondest memories they’ll have of you when they grow. Think about your childhood. For sure, you can remember that time you made pancakes with your mom, right?

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