Why Wearing Makeup Makes Women More Confident

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Let’s take a look at the history of makeup. Women have been putting makeup on their faces and bodies for 30,000 years. Look at tribes in Africa and South America. Men and women wear makeup to show their superiority and leadership. Makeup was used not to cover flaws. It was used to strengthen women’s characters.

Recent research showed the same thing. Wearing Jane Iredale mineral makeup, for example, helps boost confidence and self-esteem. It might even have a direct link to doing better in school and at work. The study divided a group of undergraduate students. One listened to positive music before taking a psychological exam. The other group put on makeup before the test.

The group who listened to positive music did well on the exam. But surprisingly, the other group who put on makeup did better than the first group. They also said that they felt more confident and beautiful. They had a better perception of beauty. This affected their cognitive abilities. Therefore, the research suggested that wearing makeup might affect how smart people feel.

Putting on Makeup Means Taking Control

Naysayers point out that putting on makeup makes women seem weak and insecure. They persecute the beauty industry. They often say that companies make money out of making women feel less attractive. Purportedly, this affects how women perceive themselves in a relationship. But that is not all true.

The beauty industry was created to enhance women’s features. It was created because women wanted to control how they looked. There are many cases when women choose to hide their imperfections through makeup. But what is wrong with that? If they have a skin condition that they want to hide, that is their prerogative.

They don’t want to take medications to treat their skin because of the side effects. Why is it wrong for women to want to hide their own discomfort? If she’s not comfortable showing the world that she has rashes or blemish, that’s her right.

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Makeup Is for One’s Well-being

All the women surveyed agreed that they put on makeup not for others’ satisfaction. They want to put on makeup because it makes them feel beautiful and confident. They have a more positive outlook on their day when they feel beautiful.

For many, it is an artistic expression. Makeup helps people come out with their creativity. It helps them imagine what could be. This is especially true for the members of the LGBTQ community. They put on makeup because they want to express themselves better. It makes people aware that women are not the only ones who wear makeup. Someone who identifies themselves as a man or woman can wear cosmetics to change people’s perception of them.

There should be nothing wrong about putting on makeup to boost one’s self-esteem. Women should not be persecuted for wanting to feel good about themselves. Wearing makeup is part of women’s history. It is a practice born way before its critics thought it highlighted insecurities. Women putting on makeup does not harm anyone else. Why should women change their ways to satisfy naysayers?

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