7 Reasons to Move to Wimbledon


Looking at moving to another place to start life anew? Look no further than Wimbledon, one of London’s finest and safest districts. Here are a few reasons why we believe you should seriously give moving to Wimbledon a thought:

Great Housing Options

Wimbledon is a place that offers a wide range of architectural backdrop. From quaint yet attractive cottages to elaborate mansions with the best flooring and wall treatments, the place has the housing option that’s suitable for you. And whatever it is that you choose, you’re sure to get your money’s worth.

Great Accessibility

For a lot of home buyers, the means of transport is a very crucial factor that they base their decisions on. Fortunately, Wimbledon is strategically located in an area where commuters have no problems getting around town and into the other parts of London. This is why it is considered a prime spot for commuters and travellers.

Rich Culture

We’re all aware that London is a melting pot of cultures and races. Wimbledon is no different. With its population made up of different races and nationalities, this quiet suburban area offers so much diversity in its culture and history.

Green Spots

Wimbledon is the perfect choice for you if you’re looking at raising a family in a nice and safe suburban setting. The district has plenty of green spots, such as Wimbledon and Putney Commons, where you can spend lazy quiet afternoons just enjoying the outdoors or bond with family and friends over a picnic and some outdoor games.

Luxurious Environment

Have you ever wanted to live life in the lap of luxury — or at least enjoy luxurious settings? Well, Wimbledon is the epitome of luxury. It is no secret that, despite its quiet status, Wimbledon is a place where a lot of wealthy people reside which makes it one of London’s most beautiful and prestigious communities.

Fun Things to Do

One of the reasons why Wimbledon is a great place to raise a family is the number of fun activities your whole family can enjoy throughout the year. Arts and culture abound in museums, galleries, theatres, and historical places.

The grown-ups can have their own kind of fun in local pubs. Kids, on the other hand, can enjoy running around in the different parks all over the area or enjoy trips to museums and theatres.

Playing tennisThe Tennis!

Wimbledon would not be famous if not for the most prestigious event in the Association of Tennis Professionals.

The Championships, Wimbledon may only last for a couple of weeks — usually, the last week of June until the end of the first week of July — but the electrifying thrill of the event can be felt throughout the whole district.

It is at this time that the town is at its busiest with all the tourists pouring in to catch a bit of the best tennis action in the world.

Wimbledon is a quiet and posh suburban area that is conducive to raising a family and getting a fresh start in life. It has a lot of great job opportunities to take advantage of. It’s a safe environment that has plenty to offer.

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