Making Your Home Genuinely Feel More Comfortable

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Whether you’re an apartment dweller or you have a house in the suburbs, it is your goal to create a space that provides you a sense of relief the moment you step in. You want a place that will embody your aspirations in life—beauty, happiness, luck, etc. But do you know how to best make space a place you can call your very own sanctuary?

If you don’t or want more knowledge on how you can improve your space and make it a place where you can feel like you are out of the stressful real world, here are some tips on making your home feel like one—comfortable and personal.

1. Do your best to make your spaces clutter-free

Imagine going home from a long day of corporate grinding, you are nearing deadlines, and you are working extended hours at the office. And then you come home to a space that looks like it was ransacked by a bunch of gangsters looking for dirty money.

That can surely throw you off. A good way to avoid stressful clutter is to start small. When you wake up in the morning, make your bed. Wash your coffee mug before running to work. A week of dirty coffee mugs can turn into a roach infestation when left alone.

Having a space that is free of clutter can help you relax. You won’t have a visible mess that will stress you out because you’ll need to clean it one way or another.

2. Improve lighting

If your house seems noticeably dim compared to other houses you’ve been in—you’re probably doing lighting wrong. It could be that your windows are not strategically placed to take in the most natural light it could during the daytime. You might also be using the wrong type of lighting appliances.

A badly lit home is not only difficult to navigate, but it is also bad for your eyesight when you stay in poorly lit rooms for long periods of time. It can also cause accidents inside the home if the people inside can’t see their surroundings. The last thing you want is to tip over that flower vase near your couch.

3. Make the house smell good

A home with a good smell can be achieved by cooking food with a pleasant and aromatic smell, having flowers around the house, and of course, using the old’ air fresheners. A pleasant-smelling house does not only improve your mood—but also gives your guests the impression that you keep yourself and your space clean.

4. Manage indoor temperature

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As summers get warmer and winters get colder, homes need to have the right heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to keep the indoor temperature in check throughout the changing seasons.

HVAC systems can keep your cool, warm, and ventilated when needed. Be sure to have your HVAC system undergo proper testing, adjusting, and balancing to ensure that it will operate at expected levels.

5. Have plants indoors

Indoor plants look good, makes you feel good, and is good for your overall well-being. They can help you stay productive, concentrated, and creative. Maintaining them is also therapeutic and keeps you away from stress and fatigue that can lead to illness.

What else? They improve air quality indoors by absorbing toxins and increasing humidity. After a long day in the bustling city, it’s only right to come home to a place that has clean air.

Having indoor plants can also open you up to gardening. If you get into it, you can plant your own vegetables and fruits—and you won’t need to get them from the store anymore. It saves you time, and you know they’re fresh. You planted and picked them, after all.

Making a home comfortable shouldn’t only be based on those five tips. There are plenty of ways you can improve the comfortability of your own home. For instance, you might be someone who is into music playing around the house, a home full of art, or a home filled with people, which you should consider for your comfort.

Levels of comfort differ from person to person. One might find a thing comfortable, and another might not. What’s important is that it’s your house—you get to decide how you want things done. Do you want big glass windows? Get them. No windows at all? Go for it.

There are no strict rules when it comes to home maintenance. Even if there were rules, we’re sure they’d be broken numerous times already.

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