Osteoarthritis: The Unavoidable Inconvenience in Adulthood

suffering from arthritis

suffering from arthritisHealth problems can arise as we advance in age, and that is something that we have no control. Advancement in medical treatments can help us cope with the health issues we encounter as we get old.

Health problems in adults

Health problems are common in adults who are in their advanced age. Degenerative illnesses are unavoidable because of the decline in people’s health as they age. These illnesses may be inevitable, but it can be managed through various treatments to help an adult’s well-being.

A common health issue that adults experience is joint pains due to the weakening of the bones and muscles due to inactivity. Osteoarthritis (OA), also known as degenerative arthritis, commonly develops in people as they age. It is a disease that affects the slippery tissue or cartilage to break down.

The smooth cartilage that covers and connects the end of the bones in a joint dry up or shrinks, causing friction to the bones. It also causes the bone underneath the cartilage to harden, which causes pain, swelling, and joint movement problems.

OA treatment

There are treatments for joint problems that can help manage the discomfort. One of which is platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy for joints takes advantage of the natural healing properties of the blood by repairing the damaged cartilage, ligaments, or joints for that matter.

In the East Stroudsburg PA, patients get PRP injections for joints. PRP therapy will help in managing the pain while improving joint function. Platelet-rich plasma therapy can also help to slow, stop, and even repair cartilage damage.

Platelet-rich plasma therapy for arthritis is done by extracting the patient’s blood. The blood is rich with platelets that have substances that regulate cell division and stimulate tissue regeneration. The injection used in the therapy contains plasma with a high concentration of platelets.

The plasma contains proteins, nutrients, and antibodies that are used as a medium by the platelets.

Preventing osteoarthritis

experiencing arthritis

Managing pain and getting therapy injections are one thing. Nevertheless, health issues like arthritis are almost unavoidable, but there are ways to delay and even prevent the premature onset of arthritis in adults.

Keeping a healthy body weight is one of the ways to lessen the stress on the joints. The extra weight tends to put more stress that can affect the knees, hips, ankles, and feet. The extra fat in the body also causes changes in the smooth cartilage.

Managing one’s weight is effortless through the help of professionals and healthcare providers. Increased levels of blood sugar can also increase the risk of developing osteoarthritis. Diabetic persons should regularly check their blood sugar levels to prevent damage to the cartilage.

High glucose levels can accelerate the damage on the cartilage through the formation of molecules, which makes it stiff. Diabetes also triggers joint inflammation and can lead to cartilage loss and joint pains. Exercising and being active can help delay joint problems.

It keeps the muscles strong and prevents the joints from getting stiff. Exercises can also reduce pain and fatigue, and it can also increase bone strength. A minimum of 30 mins a day of physical activities and exercise is enough for adults to delay OA.

Changing one’s lifestyle and keeping yourself healthy may help delay osteoarthritis. Getting enough rest and sleep and maintaining a healthy diet can also help. These are just simple ways to help reduce and manage symptoms of osteoarthritis.

We better keep ourselves healthy than regret not being able to when we get a little older.

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