Are you missing a tooth?


Losing a tooth can affect a person’s confidence, and if not replaced, it can also cause some other issues to their remaining teeth and overall oral health. Therefore, it is important that if you are dealing with a missing tooth and you are based in Herefordshire, you visit your dental practice in order to replace your tooth and restore your smile.


Why you should replace a missing tooth

Dealing with a missing tooth can cause a number of dental issues. You may notice that you are not able to eat and chew as well as before. Not being able to chew your food properly can lead to you having digestion issues, which, if not treated early enough, can have lasting effects on your health. Your speech may also be impacted as in order for you to pronounce words properly, your teeth need to be positioned correctly.

You will also notice when eating, food may get stuck in any gaps present. Not only can this be uncomfortable, but if the food particles are not removed, it can lead to a build-up in bacteria within the gap, which can ultimately result in gum disease.

The remaining teeth surrounding the gap may start to shift to fill the gap, causing misalignment and issues with your bite. As a result of having missing teeth, your jaw bone may also start to shrink, which means that it has less support and ultimately changes the shape of your face.

This is why it is important that if you are dealing with a missing tooth or several teeth, you have them replaced as soon as possible. A treatment option that can help you replace your teeth and restore your overall smile is dental implants Herefordshire.

A restorative dental treatment option

Dental implants are known to be a long-lasting and effective solution for those who are missing a tooth or several teeth. This restorative dental treatment is suitable for most individuals as long as they are healthy and have enough bone to hold the implant.

It is important to note that prior to starting any form of dental treatment, you should have a consultation with an experienced dentist for them to determine whether dental implants are the most suitable treatment for your dental issue.

A step towards replacing your tooth and restoring your smile

Treatment with dental implants usually takes place over a number of appointments. If it is agreed that you are suitable for this treatment, at your first appointment, the dentist will drill a small hole into your jaw bone for the titanium screw to be placed inside. This is usually done under a local anaesthetic. You will then be invited back to the practice for the second part of the procedure after 6 to 12 weeks; this is to give the jaw bone enough time to heal and fuse with the screw so that it can provide enough support for the crown.

During your next appointment, the dentist will take an impression of your teeth, which will be used to make your replacement tooth. Once this has been made, the dentist will place the replacement tooth on the screw, which is made to look like your remaining tooth and restore your smile.

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