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Online shopping is as normal as visiting and buying at traditional retail outlets. The ease with which you can purchase something and have it delivered to your home is a convenience that many just couldn’t do without now. However, most purchases are still made the traditional way, and here are some industries where visiting a brick and mortar store still suits people best.


People still like to walk down grocery aisles and select from the sheer amount of products and brands available. There is also still some distrust about whether you’re going to get the freshest produce available when you order online or if they’ll replace a product that’s out of stock for something you don’t really need or want. Going to the market or supermarket allows you to select exactly which fruit and vegetables look the most appealing in the exact quantities you want.

Also, some people enjoy the interaction with market sellers. It may be that they’ve shopped at this particular market or butchers for a long time and can get exactly the produce or cut of meat they want. For some, going to the market is not just about getting the groceries, but it’s also a fun and important part of the day.

A garden center

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You could buy your garden supplies online, and if you were buying equipment, tools, or products like soil or gravel, it would make perfect sense to have these heavy items delivered to your home or business. However, if you were looking to decorate your home with flora, it would be nicer to visit a garden center. This way, you can see the flowers in natural light and get some inspiration about how best to display them. There’s also the advice you could get from staff who will likely be very knowledgeable about all things to do with the garden.

A trip to the garden center can be more than just a dash-and-grab shopping trip. It can be used as an excursion, somewhere a little special to go to, that’s a pleasure to visit.

Eye care specialists

Specialist and technical care, such as providing an eye examination, cannot be done online. Getting your eyesight evaluated still requires you to go to a specialist. It’s easy enough to buy contact lenses online once you know what grade your eyes need, but you need to be tested first.

Then there’s also the fact that you do want to try on the glasses available. People test for comfort, an experience they can’t test online. They also test to see how good the glasses will look on them in real life. There is the technology now to superimpose glasses onto your face to see how well they look on you, but this is not ideal and can’t come anywhere near the experience of trying a pair on.

The recent global pandemic has changed the way we live. It may have accelerated the growth of online shopping as it has probably forced many people, especially those who had not tried it before, to shop online. But there are still industries and sectors like the fashion and make-up, home decoration, and certain food sectors where customers still prefer to go out, try, and then buy.

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