How Can Parents Support Their Child in Home Learning?

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With all the things currently happening around the world, students are forced to adopt a different learning style. Nowadays, some schools do not allow the use of the traditional classroom because of the pandemic. This gave birth to the need for remote learning.

This learning setup is when students stay at home and use the internet to communicate with teachers and classmates. Lots of parents began to wonder whether there are some things they can do to help out. If you’re one of those people, this article is for you.

How Can Parents Provide Support?

Remote learning can be quite challenging for the students. That’s why full support from their parents is essential to reduce the stress that they might experience. Below are some of the best things to do to support your child’s remote learning setup.

Set a Schedule

One of the biggest challenges of remote learning is sticking to a specific schedule. Since children would spend most, if not all, of their time at home, they may not spend their time focused on studying. Learning how to make a schedule that mimics or is closer to the one they have at school would benefit their learning.

Environment Conducive to Learning

Another challenge parents face is that some of them also adopted a work from home setting. This could be distracting for both parties because, in one area, a parent might be working while a student is trying to attend classes. Looking for a general contractor to make fair use of the space you have at home and build a room with an environment conducive to learning would help your child.

Teach, Don’t Coach

A major problem that arises from this kind of setup is that many parents are more concerned about their child’s grades than what they learn. If you have the time to monitor your kid’s studies, make sure you don’t coach them by spoon-feeding the answers. Teach them how to understand a problem and allow them to make conclusions on their own. This is the very essence of learning.

Identify Barriers

Teachers who deal with all types of kids daily need this skill, and it would be helpful if you can do it. Identifying the barriers or what makes something challenging for your child is essential in providing them the right support. For example, children who have a hard time working on their own might not do well when they’re isolated. On the other hand, students who can focus more when they’re alone might not prefer if you’re always standing beside them. Talking to your child about their learning preferences is important.

Personalized Learning

Now that we’ve mentioned it, another helpful tip is to maximize the opportunity of having their own classroom. Students learn differently from one another. Some of them prefer listening to music while others don’t. If you know what boosts your child’s cognitive processes, use this to your advantage and personalize their learning. Set up their room in such a way that it promotes productivity and performance.

Develop Organizational Skills

One of the most important skills that your child needs to learn is organization. When they develop this, it would be incalculably easier for them to keep up with their lessons and properly manage their time. There are plenty of ways to develop a child’s organizational skills at home. Ensure that you take the time to conduct these exercises early on to prevent them from having difficulties in the future.

Limit Distractions

When kids are at home, they have everything they need and more right within their reach. This significantly increases their chances of getting distracted. When they’re using their laptop for studying, they’re just one click away from watching videos or playing games all day. Their smartphones might also be right by their side while attending classes, and this can reduce the time they spend learning. Checking up on them from time to time or limiting their privileges to use their cellphones while studying would be helpful.

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Time for Family and Rest

You may feel quite stressed out about this sudden change in your child’s learning setup. Try to imagine how it must be for them. It’s essential that they still have time to bond with the family and for relaxation. Sticking to a schedule and rewarding them with leisure time if they get to finish their daily tasks is important. You can also spend the weekend watching a movie at home with your kids or do something fun.

This remote learning setup is difficult for your child, and knowing how you can support your child is important to their studies.

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