Dealing with Toddlers: First Years of Parenthood

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Young parenthood nowadays already belongs to the millennials. There might even be incredibly young parents from Gen Z. Being a young parent can be an exciting new adventure for every couple but going through it during this time is difficult.

Since the onslaught of the global health crisis, things have been more difficult to handle. There have been more complicated aspects to raising a kid, especially with new safety regulations and restrictions due to the pandemic.

Parenthood is something you need to prepare for. You will have to prepare yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically before diving into parenthood. What are the things to keep in mind if you plan to have a baby in the next few years? Whether you are to become a new parent or plan baby number two, here are things to remember before facing the exciting roller coaster ride of pregnancy.

Baby and Toddler Essentials

You might have seen it in movies or even in your parents as they cared for your younger siblings. Parenting is a tough job. It entails a lifetime of responsibility as you are provided with full control over how you raise your child into a socially aware and responsible individual. What are the essential things to keep in mind in trying to raise good kids?

It all starts with early childhood education. This refers to learning social and emotional skills crucial in child development. Once your child is ready, enroll them in a good preschool and daycare center to help them hone these important life skills.

As parents, you should learn the value of play. Playtime is good for keeping toddlers entertained while you work from home. Apart from this, though, playing is also an essential aspect of learning. When properly supervised and guided, play can even teach big mathematical concepts in a fun and dynamic setup.

When caring for infants, it is important to note the value of reading to your child. Reading will slowly become an integral part of their daily life. Reading to your baby will also help them understand language and sounds and how to use them to communicate with the people around them as they grow up.

Breastfeed your baby. Although it can be challenging for some mothers, breastfeeding is the natural way of feeding your baby. For the first 6 months of your baby, breast milk can provide all the nutrients needed to grow.

Since we are talking to young parents, it is also crucial to limit screen time for babies and toddlers. Even as you limit screen use, the time they spend in front of it should always be supervised.

These baby and toddler essentials should always be kept in mind by new parents to maximize their child’s growth potential. Why is it so important to focus on a child’s early years in the first place?

Importance of The First Two Years

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The first two years of a child can be the most tiring and even stressful time of your parenthood, but this does not take away the fun part of being a parent. Although the excitement and adventures are there, parents should remember the value of the first two years of a child’s brain development. During this time, parents should focus on keeping the child healthy and safe from potential dangers that can affect the child’s development as they grow up.

Beyond baby talk and playtime, a child’s brain is being formed and established behind the scenes. So no matter how fun things might seem, safety and health should always be the top priority in child-rearing.

How can you help your child grow into good individuals? What is your role in your child’s development?

Some Parenting Tips to Remember

In determining your role in your child’s growth, there are tips to remember to guide you in raising your child. These few tips serve as a reference and still be adjusted according to your child’s needs and personality.

No matter how naughty your child could get, showing them love will always be a necessary factor in raising your child. Regularly giving hugs and kisses helps reassure your kids of your love for them. This can also motivate your child to follow house rules.

Regarding children throwing tantrums, there are ways to reduce the frequency, duration, and intensity of each episode. It is important to learn how to communicate with your child well. This can be an overlooked aspect of parents. Each child is different, and parents need to learn how to talk to their child by learning their quirks and what makes them different.

These are a few pieces of advice that can help you in raising good kids. Early childhood is crucial in establishing a child’s growth and development path as they mature through the years. Remember to keep the first few years fun, educational, and healthy for both you and your baby.

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