10 Lovely Christmas Gifts for the Best Dad in the World

It's never too early to think of a good Christmas gift for the best man in the world, your dad. With you all grown up, it's time to spoil your father with gifts he wants and needs. And with a bunch of sales in between now and Christmas time–fall sales, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday–you'll have something to give instead of just the old necktie and cuff links. Here are some ideas based on what kind of dad you have.

Music Dad

For the musically inclined dad, give him a vinyl album of his favorite artist. Is he a country aficionado? Get him Sturgill Simpson's latest album, Sound and Fury. Maybe he's into the classics, like The Beatles. It's not the first-press copy of the iconic White Album, but there's a vinyl box set with all their records. Maybe buy him an Audio-Technica turntable as well if he doesn't have one.

Adventurous Dad

If you have a father with the taste for traveling and adventure, don't keep him grounded. A stylish and new duffle or stroller bag is always welcome. Let him capture the sights he sees with a mirrorless camera, like Canon's EOS M series or Fujifilm's X series cameras. Their lightweight frame can be a blessing for dads who want to take better photos but don't want to pack huge cameras like DSLRs.

Wants to Try New Things Dad

There's always that dad who has harnessed the power of YouTube tutorials. But such videos can only get them somewhere at some point. Help them keep learning by signing them up to online classes. Masterclass and Udemy offer skills training dads can watch at their own time–drawing, writing, acting, or even cooking Texas barbecue the right way. There's also EdX, which offers certificate courses from top unis.

Active Lifestyle Dad

The dad that never stops doing something. Whether they're more of a hiker or a biker, you can give him a multitool–perfect for survival situations or just recalibrating their bikes on the road. If they're the machine shop kind of guy, working on large machinery, then they tend to take off their wedding bands for safety concerns. Buy them personalized rings made of silicone or rubber. These let your mom be close to their heart while they're handling the big tools.

Gamer Dad

One's never too old for video games–not even your dad. Buy him their preferred gaming console, whether it's the Nintendo Switch, the PlayStation 4, or the Xbox One. Maybe he's eyeing to upgrade his gaming PC. Look for deals for the parts he needs. You can even buy him new video games, especially autumn, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and winter game sales are coming up.

Cooking Dad

The dad that fancies himself as Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, or even just a master of the grill. Let him cook the best, mouthwatering dishes the whole family can devour with new cookware. If he's bothered with all the cups he needs for cooking and baking, there's the Euclid measuring cup. You can buy him a new set of knives as well, such as from Chicago Cutlery. Nonstick pans and portable grills are also great suggestions.

Gift for the father

Geeky Dad

For the dads who bleed Marvel, DC, Image, or 2000AD, you can buy them anything related to their favorite comic books and graphic novels. Shirts, socks, jackets, coffee table books, and even action figures are good choices. You can gift them art prints and posters from top artists as well, such as Artgerm or Alex Ross. If you know the right people or have the money, give them signed milestone issues of comic books.

Every Dad

Whether it's expensive kitchenware or the latest version of PlayStation, it's the thought that counts. This Christmas season, give your father something he truly deserves.

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