5 Tips to Encourage Art for Your Kids

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  • Set up a dedicated space for art to foster creativity.
  • Give your child the freedom to explore and experiment with different mediums and techniques.
  • Take them to art museums and galleries for inspiration.
  • Incorporate art into their daily life, such as making homemade cards or scrapbooks.
  • Encourage dance as a form of art, such as ballet, tap, hip-hop or ballroom.

As a parent, you want to encourage your child’s creativity and allow them to express themselves. Art is an excellent way for children to do this, as it allows them to explore their imaginations and develop their skills. Here are five tips to encourage art for your kids.

1. Provide a Dedicated Space for Art

Setting up a dedicated space for your child to create art is an excellent way to encourage creativity. This can be a corner of their bedroom or a table in a common area. Ensure the space is well-lit and has all the necessary materials, such as paper, paint, and brushes.

Encourage your child to personalize their art space with their own decorations and artwork. Having a dedicated space for art will encourage your child to create more art and help them feel more confident and proud of their creations.

2. Give Them the Freedom to Explore

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Art is all about exploring and experimenting. Encourage your child to try different mediums and techniques, such as watercolor, acrylic, or collage. Let them use their creativity and imagination to create whatever they want without limitations or restrictions.

It’s important not to criticize or compare your child’s artwork to others. Instead, praise their efforts and encourage them to continue exploring and trying new things. By giving your child the freedom to explore and experiment with art, you are helping them develop their artistic skills and confidence.

3. Take Them to Art Museums and Galleries

Exposing your child to art outside of their own creations can be a great source of inspiration. Taking them to art museums and galleries will allow them to see different types of art and learn about different artists and their styles.

Encourage your child to ask questions and express their thoughts and feelings about the art they see. This will help them develop critical thinking skills and deepen their art appreciation.

4. Incorporate Art Into Their Daily Life

Encourage your child to incorporate art into their daily life. This could be as simple as drawing or painting before bedtime or creating homemade cards for birthdays and holidays.

You could also encourage your child to create art for their own personal enjoyment, such as making a scrapbook or journal. Incorporating art into their daily life, you are helping your child develop a lifelong love and appreciation for art.

5. Encourage Dance as a Form of Art

Dance is another form of art that can help children express themselves and develop their creativity. Encourage your child to explore different types of dance, such as ballet, tap, or hip-hop.

You could also take your child to dance performances or enroll them in a dance class. Dance is not only a great form of exercise, but it also helps children develop their coordination, rhythm, and self-expression. By encouraging dance as a form of art, you give your child another outlet to express themselves creatively.

Here are some types of dance you can encourage:


Ballet is a classic, graceful form of dance that requires skill and practice to master. It involves precise movements and poses to create beautiful art on the stage. Encourage your child to explore ballet by taking them to performances or enrolling them in classes if interested. By doing so, your child can learn how to express themselves through movement while developing their coordination and motor skills.


Tap dancing is an upbeat style of dance where the dancer wears special shoes with metal plates attached that make tapping noises when they hit the floor. This type of dance is both entertaining and challenging as it requires rhythm and coordination. Encourage your child’s creativity and enjoyment of music by having them try tap dancing. It’s a great way for them to explore their musicality and develop their footwork and coordination skills.


kids dancing hip hop

Hip-hop is a style of dance that has gained popularity in recent years. This high-energy dance style involves intricate movements, body isolations, and popping techniques. Encourage your child to try hip-hop if they are interested in street dance styles or want to learn how to create unique rhythms with their bodies. This type of dance will help your child build self-confidence when performing in front of others while developing skills such as coordination and balance.


Ballroom dancing is a great way to encourage your child to express themselves creatively and develop their coordination. Your child will learn the basic steps of various social dances such as waltz, foxtrot, cha-cha, and tango by encouraging them to take ballroom dance lessons. Ballroom dance lessons will also help your child develop posture, self-expression, and grace. Ballroom dancing is a great way for children to explore different cultures and develop an appreciation for music and movement. Encourage your child to take ballroom dance lessons to help them develop their artistic skills, physical coordination, and social expression.

To Wrap It Up

Art is a wonderful way for children to explore creativity and develop skills. By providing a dedicated space for art, giving them the freedom to explore, taking them to art museums and galleries, incorporating art into their daily life, and encouraging dance as a form of art, you are giving your child the tools and opportunities to express themselves and develop a lifelong love and appreciation for art.

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