Top Five Low Maintenance Pets For Your Child

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Keeping a balance between work and home may be challenging, especially if both parents have to work to make ends meet. So, to keep your kid company at home, you are considering getting an additional member of the family: this time, a pet. A dog or cat may be the best pets that you have ever wanted for a long time, but you don’t have enough time and attention to care for them. Good thing there are low-maintenance pets that you can introduce to your kids and the whole family. The introduction of pets to young kids may teach them a lot of lessons and values.

The rituals in taking care of pets such as feeding them, bathing them, taking them out for walks, taking their furry friends for a routine checkup, or relocating their pets using pet moving services may teach kids responsibility. Kids will also learn to trust and build relationships as they spend more time and relax with pets. And as they continue spending time with their furry animals, they will learn to bestow compassion towards them.

In this time of lockdowns, you can help kids cope with boredom and depression that may come after long hours spent indoors. The following are low-maintenance pets that you adopt or acquire for your kids so they can have more fun times ahead.

Betta Fish

Set up a mini aquarium at home and make it a favorable home for a Betta fish. Betta fishes come in bright colors that are pleasing to the eyes. They are easy to maintain as they only require a pellet or two of food every day. Of course, you need to change the water of the aquarium regularly.

Hermit Crabs

Does your kid have a knack for collecting aquatic animals at the beach? Let them take that hobby at home by keeping hermit crabs. These crabs are social creatures, and thus you have to take two or three of them to live together in an aquarium. They have special needs that you have to pay attention to. In their aquarium, you have to fill the bottom with some substrate like sand where they can dig and do other activities. You have to feed these hermit crabs with pelleted crab food. Make sure to add bits of fresh fruits and veggies to their diet.


Hamsters are low-maintenance kids best for older kids. They are best acquired in pairs. Hamsters must be kept in cages. For them to be comfortable, you should include beddings made of straw or other fiber. Ensure that they stay hydrated with a regular supply of freshwater placed in a dish or kept inside a bottle hung on the cage. Feed them with small pieces of carrots, apple, pear, or parsley. Your hamster would like it if you add a wheel to the cage. This is where they can get plenty of running and exercise.


Parakeets or budgerigars are highly-sociable birds that like to talk, and thus, they make lots of noises to get your attention. Male parakeets tend to be smarter than their female counterparts. The male ones are more comical as they tend to mimic household noises. These birds need regular stimulation, and thus, you have to provide perches, small mirrors, bells, ladders, and bird toys to keep them busy while inside the cage. For their diet, they need fresh, clean water with bird seeds.

Guinea Pigs

Also known as cavies, guinea pigs are rodents that are friendly and easy to handle. They also tend to live longer compared to other rodents. Thus, even if its owner may grow up and go to college, the guinea pig may still be alive to give younger siblings joy. Taking care of them is easy and simple. All you need is to house them safely inside a wide cage lined with newspapers filled with plenty of hay, freshwater, and pelleted guinea pig food. They have a quirky catlike purr when you pet them that will surely delight your kids.

Pets are a source of joy to its owner. These pets will surely keep your kids busy, happy, and fulfilled during this quarantine. These animals have limited time on Earth, and thus, they deserve the best care, lots of love, and attention from their owners. Don’t entrust everything to your kid. When you return home from work, make it a habit to ask how the pet was. Despite being busy, you must take care of its needs. Consider taking them to the vet whenever they get sick or need special attention. Also, check their surroundings and ensure that they are receiving the right amount of light, air, and moisture to live longer.

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