Pollution Today: Even Oscar Would Hate This Much Trash

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The amount of trash we make every day continues to pile up. At the rate we are going, pollution will worsen by 2040 if we don’t take drastic action immediately. Ocean creatures are suffering from plastic pollution. Landfills are overflowing with garbage. Nowadays, even Oscar The Grouch will not approve of this much trash.

In recent years, environmental activists have been stepping up to save the environment and nature’s gifts. Environmental advocates like Greta Thunberg have spoken up about the effects of climate change on future generations and why we need to start stepping up in our own way.

Although the movements that organizations have started among civilians can contribute to the overall state of the environment, big corporations are to blame for the bigger picture. How can companies and corporations play a part in improving the level of the planet’s pollution?

At this rate, companies and corporations can go for sustainable actions.

Loads of Garbage

Each one of us has a role to play in improving the planet’s situation. Meanwhile, companies and corporations have a bigger role in implementing sustainable practices in their businesses.

In practicing a minimal to a zero-waste campaign, businesses can invest in a proper waste management system. This may include an industrial trash can dumper to assist in the garbage disposal system.

Apart from a proper waste management system, there are methods that businesses can implement and begin practicing to be more sustainable.

As a business, being sustainable nowadays is a big advantage. Not only will this make your company more competitive in the market, but it will also help you with your finances. The market is inclined towards purchasing goods that have a less negative impact on the environment, so adopting sustainable practices will be beneficial to your business.

In implementing company policies that minimize corporate waste, one of the things your company can start with is eliminating single-use products. You can start replacing single-serving coffee pods with standard coffee makers. You can also shift from using paper towels to hand dryers in the restroom to eliminate excess waste.

Your business can begin sourcing raw goods and services from sustainable sources. Look for local suppliers that you can support so you can ensure ethical procurement of goods and services. This will be a great advantage that will keep you ahead in the market.

Reduce water usage in the office and production methods. Ensure your plumbing system is always up-to-date with repairs and maintenance to ensure there are no leaks that may lead to water waste.

Organize sustainable partnerships with organizations and advocates with a similar goal. Doing so will help your company gain insights into your sustainability advocacy. Learning from others can also inform you of new insights about your local community in which you might be able to help out regarding sustainable practices.

Your company should also learn to recycle goods that can be given another life. Minimize as much waste as possible in your everyday functions.

While these are great methods that a business can implement to be more sustainable, corporations should also focus on “walking the talk” by making adjustments with their goods and services and their processes to make them more sustainable and ethical.

polluted lake

Effects of Plastic on Climate Change

Plastic has been a staple for humans since its commercial popularity. From shampoo bottles to coffee cups, humans use plastic products regularly. This plastic habit has been detrimental to the state of the environment. Due to this, our oceans have been polluted with mounds of plastic waste, choking ocean creatures.

Apart from potentially harming underwater animals with plastic parts, having a huge amount of plastic waste can worsen climate change. Greenhouse gas emissions from plastic waste limit the earth’s ability to keep the climate temperature at a safe level.

The effects of plastic on climate change should be studied closely by large corporations. This should serve as an eye-opener for these businesses to begin taking action. Apart from corporations, civilians should also educate themselves about what they can do to improve the planet’s state.

Our generation needs to start stepping up regarding adopting sustainable practices. The younger generation might not enjoy the beauty of the environment if we don’t act now.

While the human race is continuously polluting the planet, there is hope for future generations. We need to shake off the denial phase and start taking action towards a better planet.

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