A Comprehensive List of Must-Haves for New Moms

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Becoming a new mom is an extraordinary feeling. Giving birth to another life is one of nature’s most beautiful phenomena. While the process is beautiful, it can also be a little nerve-wracking for the new moms.

As a new mom, it is easy to get confused between which clothes to buy and which stroller to get. As there are a ton of things essential for a baby, there are a few items that you can do without.

1. Essentials for Breastfeeding

As the only sustenance for newborn babies is milk, you should be ready to feed your baby at least once every 2 hours. Frequent feeding gets tricky when you’re sleeping or resting. Many tools can help you express and store milk. You can use that milk to feed the baby later. Breastfeeding pumps are an example of one such milk extracting device that especially comes in handy for working moms.

  • Breast Pumps: A breast pump allows you to extract milk for storage. You can choose between a single breast pump or a double breast pump. Both have their pros and cons. A double one helps you express milk quicker, while a single breast pump is more feasible.
  • Breast Milk Storage: Storing your breast milk can increase its usage considerably. You may require bags or bottles for storage. There are many baby dinnerware online suppliers that you can buy good, organic feeding bottles from.
  • Sterilisers: Sterilisers are essential for cleaning the breast pump and feeding bottles.
  • Bottle Warmers: They get necessary once you start freezing milk to warm the feed for the baby.
  • Nursing Pads: Nursing pads help absorb the excess milk from your breasts. You can choose between disposable and reusable nursing pads.
  • Nursing Wear: Investing in nursing bras can give you tremendous ease while breastfeeding your baby.
  • Nipple Cream: Your breasts are bound to hurt from the constant feeding. Nipple creams help ease that pain.

2. Essentials for Diapering

Having babies can get a little messy. Investing in some essential diaper tools can provide great ease in the long run.

  • Diapers: You can choose between long-wear or disposable diapers. Be careful when selecting the size for the baby as babies grow quickly.
  • Baby Wipes: As you can not use water to wash newborn babies, wipes help you clean the baby easily.
  • Rash Cream: Diapers can get harsh sometimes and cause a rash. Hence, rash creams are necessary to soothe the rashes caused by diapers.
  • Changing Mat: A changing mat is necessary if you don’t have a diaper station.
  • Diaper Station: They allow you to change the diapers easily at home.

3. Essentials for Bathing

Newborn babies are susceptible, so taking care of their hygiene is of the utmost importance. Some bathing tools make bathing babies easier.

  • Baby Shampoo: You cannot use regular shampoos on babies as their skin is sensitive. Baby shampoos don’t have harsh chemicals and come with no-tear formulas.
  • Bodywash: A good body wash or soap becomes necessary to clean the baby.
  • Bathtubs: There are several types of bathtubs. Some can fit into your sink for ease. You can also get individual ones that are on their own. Bathtubs allow you to handle the baby during his bath easily.
  • Healthcare: You can invest in some healthcare kits with all the must-haves like nail clippers, thermometers, nasal aspirators, and first aid tools.

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4. Essentials for Nursery

Decorating a nursery for the baby is perhaps the most exciting part of the process (not as exciting as having a baby, of course). Here is a list of the nursery must-haves.

  • Crib/Bassinet: The most crucial part is getting a cot or crib to ensure a good night’s sleep.
  • Mattress: A firm mattress is necessary. Do not get a very soft one since babies can sink in them, which can be hazardous.
  • Baby Pillows: Baby bones are very malleable, and using the wrong pillow can cause the head shape to shift. There are special pillows to prevent flat head syndrome in babies.
  • Fitted Sheets: Having two to three fitted sheets is necessary for hygiene purposes.
  • Baby Monitors: Baby monitors are handy if the nursery is far from your room. They help you keep an eye on the baby from your own space.
  • Swaddles: Babies need warmth and care. Swaddling them can make them feel secure and warm.

Happy Motherhood

Becoming a new mom can seem like an arduous task, especially if you don’t have anyone to guide you through the process. Don’t stress too much and do everything step by step. Try to get the shopping done before your last month, so you don’t have an extra task on your list at the very last moment.

In conclusion, motherhood is not something you can learn from a book. As intimidating as it may seem, you will soon get the hang of everything. And, before you know it, you’d be the perfect mom that you’d always dreamt of becoming!

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