School Safety: 7 Things That Parents Should Check and Know About


Parents will keep no stones unturned to ensure the safety and security of their kids. One of the biggest and most challenging moments as a parent is to watch your kids go to kindergarten. That first day will hit you like an ice-cold shower after a night of revelry. There is simply no comparison to the fear and nostalgia you get to feel watching your kid step foot in school. But aside from that nostalgic feeling that your kids are no longer, well, kids, you will also feel a sense of dread: you are no longer the sole protector of your children. In school, they will be on their own. Their teachers and school administrators will be responsible for keeping them safe while there.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you cannot do anything to ensure they are safe and healthy while attending their classes. That’s why it’s important to choose the right school for them. You have to look at different factors before enrolling your kids in the school.


The open house came to be a thing because it allows parents to inspect the school grounds. For parents, the simple matter of the kind of doormat the school bought for the classrooms can be an issue. Of course, parents will want the school to buy a non-slippery outdoor doormat. This is especially important for playschools and toddler schools that have kids running around the hallways. These schools have to be extra careful with their facilities, amenities, and even accessories. They have to prevent accidents as much as they can.


Are your kids going to school by walking or are they going to take the school bus? Walk the same route they will take when going to school. Are there pedestrian lanes and speed breakers? How are the footpaths? They may get in trouble when commuting to and from school. The local government and school administration are responsible for making sure that the path leading to the school is safe and secure.


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Where is the school located? Are the roads leading to the school safe for children to walk on? Whether there’s a large construction project or dilapidated and vacant lots that could be harboring criminals, it is important that parents consider the actual location of the school.


Numerous students have been injured because of weak school infrastructure. Foundations can collapse. Roofs will have leaks and can at times, collapse, too. Ask the school administration for the latest safety inspection report. Local governments routinely ask for this report to ensure that the foundations and structures of the buildings are sound.

Similarly, you should also be worried about the safety of the drinking water provided in the school. Diseases and germs can spread through water easily. Check the sanitation and hygiene facilities of the school.

School Bus

If your kids are going to take the school bus, then make sure that it’s the authorized school service of the school. Authorities should do a regular audit of the inside and outside of the buses. They need to inspect the tires, engine, brakes, and other safety features of the bus. Ensuring the safety of kids is paramount. There are no compromises on making sure the school bus is in sound condition.

First Aid Service

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Does the school have a first-aid clinic? Does it employ a school nurse and doctor? Kids get themselves involved in various accidents in school. Whether these are minor or major accidents, it’s important to provide emergency services in the school. Any delay in immediate and proper medical care can lead to severe injuries and infections. This will put to rest your qualms about letting them go to school alone.

Safety Committee

Schools should have a safety committee. Members of the committee should always include the principal, teachers, parents, and staff representatives. The purpose of the committee is to ensure the safety and security of the school premises. When there are concerns about the students’ safety, the committee should immediately address the issues. If there is no safety committee and if you’re willing to start one, ask the school administration how you can go about it.

School is a stepping stone for kids to become more independent. There, they will know themselves better. They will meet friends and make long-lasting connections with some of them. But no matter the benefits of going to school, it is normal for parents to become overprotective. That’s why you have to work with the school and know exactly what you want before you pick one for your kids.

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