Three Ways to Upgrade Your Home for Better Basic Functionality

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Modern homes have the potential to become feature-filled lifestyle spaces, with the basement dedicated to the theater experience, an outdoor area for entertaining guests, and individual rooms for meditation and exercise, study, or a personal office. We can even integrate various appliances and fixtures into the home’s wireless network and transform our surroundings into a smart and responsive environment. Yet homeowners looking to undertake a first major home improvement would still be wise to consider giving priority to the functional aspects or how our homes fulfill the basic human survival needs. In line with that, here are some first-time projects with lasting value and immediate impact.

Food and drink

Even if you live in a place where the climate or seasonal conditions can get quite harsh, you don’t have to worry about heading out in the freezing weather to do the present-day equivalent of hunting or foraging that is buying food and drink.

Kitchens are the functional heart of any home. Everyone needs to eat, and even if you cook nothing but simple recipes, an upgrade can enhance the value and enjoyment derived from this essential task. Remodeling your kitchen can also increase storage and give everyone a comfortable place to gather around for family meals and impromptu discussions.

Undertake some kitchen remodeling in Salt Lake City, and you can stock up on more necessary supplies, get creative while committing to a healthy diet, and entertain guests coming over to spend the holidays.

Hygiene and sanitation

clean bathroomWe all enjoy the refreshment that a good bath can provide, and occasionally you may experience the often cited phenomenon of having great ideas occur in the shower. But more importantly, proper hygiene and sanitation are vital to everyone’s health — a fact that has been brought to increasing prominence by the recent global pandemic.

One of the most effective upgrades in terms of sheer utility would be an additional bathroom. It’s one of the most constantly used areas of the house and even a matter of frequent disputes in larger families. Everyone needs their time to wash up and attend to personal hygiene. Providing that extra space to accommodate simultaneous use will provide practical value each day, as well as serve as an emergency backup in case some issues should arise with the plumbing.


Four walls and a roof over your head make adequate shelter, but most of today’s homes are designed to go above and beyond in terms of this sheltering function. We take pains to repair leaks, loose shingles, and poor sealing or insulation so that our interior environment is well-regulated in terms of temperature and moisture. Ultimately, regulating your home’s conditions will provide better comfort and let you sleep better.

If you’re already taking care of the basic maintenance needs, then an upgraded bedroom can pay immediate dividends by increasing the quality of sleep you get every night. Improved and adjustable lighting, noise reduction, and a more orderly layout free from clutter will all help in this regard.

Any major home improvement project can put a strain on your resources and impose disruption to a considerable extent in your lifestyle. Prioritizing basic functionality with your first-time upgrade will help ensure that it’s worth your time, effort, and investment.

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