What is a discreet solution to misaligned teeth?


Many individuals are looking for a suitable treatment to help restructure their teeth. Due to this, there are many different types of dental processes available to help correct misaligned teeth. Many patients are opting for a more discreet choice and lingual braces benefit patients who wish to have no association with traditional metal braces. Misaligned teeth can be caused for a variety of reasons, the main problems can be due to genetics, trauma or poor oral hygiene. Incognito Weybridge is a suitable and preferred treatment process among many individuals, it is an alternative appliance system that will work in the same fashion as traditional metal braces, but behind the teeth.

More information on Incognito braces

Incognito lingual braces are a modern and transparent alternative to traditional braces. The Incognito™ Lingual Bracket System is a suitable option for candidates that can range across many different age groups. The braces are placed at the back of the teeth, therefore an individual’s treatment will go unnoticed. Incognito™ braces are custom made and fitted to a patient’s preference. They are created and developed through the use of contemporary technology and customised to the shape and structure of a patient’s mouth and dentition. Other considerations that are taken with Incognito are patients’ dental situations. The orthodontist or dental professional will create and prepare a specialised prescription to get the results that a patient desires.

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How do Incognito lingual braces work?

The Incognito™ Appliance System is known and confirmed as one of the first fully custom- made lingual bracket systems. These lingual braces have the core ability to fix and straighten misaligned teeth. Incognito has many beneficial features such as custom-made brackets, archwires and bonding tray. These features are created to develop effective final results. Post-treatment a patient will eventually have the desired look they have been wanting – straighter teeth. As well as being custom-made, Incognito lingual braces are also regarded as comfortable by many patients as they work towards straightening and achieving the smile a patient wants. Incognito braces are structured in a way that is hidden, therefore a patient can smile with confidence without the worry of thinking others can see their braces on their teeth. These lingual braces do not need to be removed when drinking and eating or engaging in other daily mouth functions. Incognito braces are invisible to the human eye. Despite this, Incognito lingual braces work towards providing dramatic results. In the vast majority of cases patients are thrilled and happy with the final outcome of their Incognito  journey.

How do orthodontists create dental appliances?

Throughout the procedure of creating dental appliances, orthodontists use specialist 3D image technology. This provides and creates a real life result of the finished look. This technology also gives the ability to view predictions alongside the results with a high chance of accuracy. Dental professionals and orthodontists ensure that they pay attention to small details to make sure that the Incognito lingual braces are fit to be worn. An in-depth analysis is necessary to achieve accuracy within the overall measurements and design. Incognito lingual braces are a perfect opportunity to improve an individual’s smile and the quality of their life whether that be physically or socially.

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