How to Keep Your Kids Safe at Home While You’re Busy Working

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  • Establish consistent rules and routines to ensure kids stay safe while you’re away. Explain expectations, their importance, and the consequences of breaking them. 
  • Have an emergency plan that includes first aid training, an escape route, and essential items needed if evacuation is necessary. 
  • Utilize technology to monitor your kids, such as a security system, parental controls, and a GPS tracker. 
  • Keep an eye on your kids, where possible, and provide them with the appropriate tools and guidance to ensure their safety. 

Being a working parent can be overwhelming, especially if you’re worried about your kids being safe at home while you’re away. You may constantly worry about whether they’re playing safely, staying away from dangerous objects and materials, or if anything else could harm them.

The good news is that there are steps you can take to ensure your kids are safe when you’re away. Here are a few tips to help keep your children safe while you’re at work:

Set Rules and Boundaries

Before you start work each day, set clear rules and boundaries with your children. Explain your behavior expectations and remind them why it is important for them to follow these rules (i.e., for their own safety).

Ensure all family members understand the consequences of not following the rules, such as losing privileges or going to bed early. Having a consistent routine and setting expectations will help your children feel secure in knowing what is expected of them while they are home alone. Here are effective ways of creating rules and boundaries:

  • Create a Schedule: Establish a daily routine with your kids, including specific meal times, playtime, and bedtime. This will help them stay on track throughout the day and ensure they’re not getting into trouble during their time at home.
  • Make Lists of Rules & Expectations: List all your rules and expectations for your children while they’re at home. This could include having a list of chores they need to complete and guidelines around what activities they can do while you’re gone.
  • Provide Supervision: Hire a babysitter or nanny who can supervise while you’re away. This will ensure your kids are safe and well taken care of while you’re at work.
  • Teach Safety: Make sure your children know the basics of safety, such as not talking to strangers, staying in a public area if they go outside, and not touching anything dangerous. Regularly reviewing these safety rules with your children will help them remember to stay safe.

Create an Emergency Plan

Creating an emergency plan with your family is always a good idea, so everyone knows what to do. Here are ways to navigate this:

Provide First Aid Training

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Ensure your children have the necessary knowledge and skills to help someone injured or ill by teaching them basic first aid. This could include bandaging a wound, calling for help, or administering CPR. You should also have a first aid kit at home that they can use in case of a medical emergency that your children know how to use.

Provide an Emergency Exit Plan

Natural disasters and unexpected events can occur at any time, and an emergency exit plan is important. Teach them the route they should take if they ever need to leave in a hurry and provide them with the necessary items if evacuation is necessary (e.g., flashlights, extra clothing, etc.). It’s also best to install an electric latch retraction panic bar. This is designed to provide a quick and easy exit route in an emergency.

Utilize the Use of Technology

Technology can help you monitor your kids, even when you’re not home. Even though you want them to have limited screen time, technology is a big help in monitoring their safety. You can do the following to ensure your children’s safety:

Install a Security System

A security system at home to keep an eye on your children. Connect this to your smartphone so you can view the footage from anywhere. You can also set up motion detectors and alarms to notify you if someone is in your home while your kids are playing.

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Install Parental Controls

Set parental controls on your children’s devices to monitor their online activity and restrict access to inappropriate content or websites. This will help ensure they are not exposed to harmful or inappropriate content alone at home.

Purchase a GPS Tracker

Purchase a GPS tracker for your kids, so you’ll always know where they are. This is especially helpful if your children like to explore the neighborhood. A GPS tracker is also handy when your kids walk to and from school.

Keeping an eye on your children all the time is not always possible, but with these tips, you can rest assured that your kids are safe and secure even when you’re not around. You can provide peace of mind for yourself and your children with a few simple steps.

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