Keep Yourself Busy but Mentally Healthy with These Hobbies

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Having a hobby is important. But in the time we are in, people are always on a hustle. They juggle several gigs a week that they no longer have the time to pause and do something else. And this can be damaging.

Overworking can lead to a lack of sleep and fatigue, resulting in being less productive. When someone’s unproductive, they become stressed and push themselves to work harder. And the cycle continues.

If you’re in the same situation, finding a hobby will help you in many ways.

Benefits of Having a Hobby

A hobby can lower your risk of certain mental illnesses, such as depression and dementia. Picking up a hobby will keep your brain stimulated. It’s also a way to socialize with others. Also, doing a hobby is a great way to distract yourself from other stressors. It will help you get a short mental break so that you avoid burnout.

Hobbies to Improve Your Mental Health

There are many interesting hobbies you can try. If you’re unsure which one to start with, consider reflecting on yourself to find a hobby that aligns with you. Get a piece of pen and paper and write down your interests. What do you want in a hobby? For instance, do you want to make things? Do you want to learn something new? Or do you like something more physical?

If you’re still stumped, here’s a short list of hobbies you can consider:


Journaling is a great hobby that has several benefits. By writing down the things that happened to you, you can process these events and reflect on them. As a result, you can manage your stress and emotions. You can try either traditional journaling or creative journaling.

Traditional journaling is basically writing a daily log. For instance, you can list things that made you happy on that day. Or you can go the old-fashioned way and write a short narrative of your entire day for easier remembering later on.

You can also do creative journaling. It can be like traditional journaling, where you write about your day and use stickers, photos, and/or drawings to decorate each page of your journal. Many people who are into creative journaling love it because it helps them express their creativity. Some even get monthly craft subscription kits to ensure they have supplies to decorate their journal.


Due to the digital age, people are always on their phones and no longer read books. In one study, only 25% of people under 18 spend time reading each day. But reading is such a valuable skill, and you can improve it by picking up reading as a hobby.

The key to sticking to reading as a habit is to find something that you enjoy. For instance, if you like fictional stories, pick up storybooks and comic books. Don’t force yourself to read other genres if they’re not interesting to you.

By having reading as a habit, you’ll be able to expand your mind. You can learn new even widen your vocabulary and improve your writing skills. Reading is also a great way to train yourself to stay focused.



You can also pick up handicraft making as a hobby. And this can mean many things. Some popular examples of handicrafts include knitting, pottery, and sewing. Sure, this hobby may be a little pricier than the others because you will need to buy tools. But think of the money spent as a personal investment to improve your mental health.

Besides, making something can be a very fulfilling experience. Handicraft making can give you a confidence boost that will help you not just at work but also in other aspects of your life.


Many people all over the world became plant parents when the pandemic started. And it’s for a good reason. When you go gardening, you immerse yourself in nature, which can help you improve your mood. It has also been linked with reducing depressive symptoms as it helps in releasing serotonin and dopamine.

Gardening can also be a form of physical exercise. It’s not high intensity, but it still keeps you moving. For example, the acts of weeding the grass and mowing the lawn are already great physical exercises that, if you do every day, will help you improve your physical health.

These are only a few hobbies that can improve your mental state and keep you busy without feeling stressed and exhausted. Picking up and sticking to even just one of them can be very helpful.

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