Are You Dreaming of a Grand Wedding Proposal?

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Women who are in a long-term romantic relationship might not help but look forward to a grand wedding proposal. If you go online, you can find a lot of creative proposal ideas that will make you think “that should have been me.” There are also a lot of beautiful engagement rings in Salt Lake City that you can wear on your finger one of these days.

Wedding proposals were not that elaborate back then, unlike today. Our parents and grandparents might not have experienced such unforgettable wedding proposals. It is understandable to feel somewhat jealous of grand displays of love through well-planned wedding proposals.

Of course, a lot of these proposals became “viral” online and shared countless times on social media platforms. Sure, it will be lovely to experience your own beautiful and unforgettable proposal. But an elaborate proposal is not just saying “yes” to the one kneeling in front of you with a shiny diamond ring on hand. Instead, it is a promise of a happy and fulfilling marriage to the one you love.

So where do you want to have your wedding proposal? Under the starry night? Along the beach? In your favorite theme park? Or the place where you had your first date? It doesn’t matter where you want the proposal to happen; it’s all about the magical feeling about to unfold in front of you.

Is an engagement even necessary?

With all the things that are said, you might ask if an engagement is necessary in the first place. It was not even a thing during your parents’ or grandparents’ time. However, times have already changed. And there’s the strong influence of social media on our lives.

Wedding proposals can be competitive at some point. One cannot help but to top the last one and make yours get a million more views on social media. Then again, proposals should be more than just an elaborate display of love toward the other person. It’s all about saying yes and being with the person for the rest of your lives.

Planning for an engagement party

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So you and your boyfriend/girlfriend just got engaged. After an unforgettable proposal, the next thing is celebrating your engagement. An engagement party is an excellent opportunity to meet your fiancée/fiancé’s friends and family and vice versa. It can be a simple party with close friends and family in attendance.

Usually, the bride’s parents are in line to host the engagement. However, there are no official rules when it comes to engagement parties. You can plan your party or have someone trusted to help you with the planning. If you want to have an engagement party for family members and then a separate one for friends, then why not?

Like a wedding proposal, an engagement party is not a mandatory thing. It’s up to the couple whether to hold one or skip to the wedding preparations. There is no need to follow what’s trending these days. What is more important is that you are sure about each other spending the rest of your life as husband and wife.

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