When to Have a Baby Shower and Why Timing Matters

Time-Sensitive Themes and Events
  • If you’re wondering when should you have baby shower guests over, the early third trimester is best.
  • You can throw baby showers earlier or later in the pregnancy.
  • Some cultures consider pre-baby showers bad luck.
  • Some parents choose to wait until the baby is born to host a baby shower.
  • Virtual baby showers are creating a lot of hype recently.

It wasn’t until the baby boom of the 1940s and ‘50s that the baby shower became a thing. The widely accepted phenomenon soon transformed into an American tradition in which most expectant parents rejoice. 

Today, planning a baby shower is a project on its own, including a lot of planning and considerations. Join us as we reveal when to have a baby shower , who is supposed to throw a baby shower , and everything in between.

Wondering When to Have Your Baby Shower?

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First-time parents might not be fully on board with baby shower etiquette , and that’s totally understandable. With the excitement of the addition to the family, things can easily slip our minds.

When do baby showers happen? Well, it’s safe to say that usually, these bashes happen before the baby arrives .

Significance of a Baby Shower

Pairing the joyful occasion of a baby arriving with a celebratory welcoming party is an unforgettable moment for everyone involved, the guests and the expectant parents.

One of the main reasons baby showers are so special is that they are the perfect events to have everyone gather, have fun , and be part of the unique journey to parenthood.

Parents-to-be consider baby showers the perfect occasion to catch up with friends and family, share their joy and create unforgettable memories . Also, a baby shower is a proper celebration where guests shower the expectant mother with baby gifts .

Early Planning: What’s the Best Timing for Your Baby Shower?

As a rule of thumb, baby showers usually happen before the baby is born – anywhere between four to six months until the due date is ideal. This particular time frame is perfect for several reasons: 

  • the pregnancy is well on its way
  • there is still time for the mom-to-be to send out thank-you cards
  • the expectant mother feels well enough to enjoy the party with the guests

However, holding a baby shower after the baby is born is also acceptable. That way, the baby can also attend the party in their honor. This is the timeframe to consider when debating “ When should I have my baby shower? ”

Seasonal Considerations: Choosing the Perfect Time of Year

When do people have baby showers? Well, there is no baby shower season per se. It all depends on how the pregnancy is going and when the due date is. With most babies in the U.S. born in August , spring and summer baby showers are more frequent

However, seasons can greatly affect the baby shower date . For one, the holiday season might make gathering everyone in one place difficult. Also, the time of day is another important aspect. Choose a day that’s neither too hot nor too cold so the mom-to-be can also enjoy the party.

People wonder when to have a baby shower if due in Decembe r, and the answer is simple. If a baby’s due in December, the baby shower can be held somewhere around mid-fall when the weather is still mildly pleasant.

When deciding on specific days, weekends are the ideal baby shower days since most people are probably free to attend. 

Cultural and Regional Influences on Baby Shower Timing

Some cultures and religions don’t throw a baby shower until after the baby is born. In the Chinese and many other cultures , baby showers are held after the baby arrives . Having a party before the baby is born is considered bad luck .

On the other hand, baby showers in the Latino culture are organized prior to the birth of the baby , and it is a massive party with extended family and friends. 

Time-Sensitive Themes and Events

To answer the question of when should you do a baby shower , we’d say it’s a personal preference for some and a cultural thing for others. For instance, if an expectant mother is having a non-typical pregnancy , throwing the baby shower earlier than later is best. 

Soon after the third trimester ends, the morning sicknesses would be over, and the mom-to-be could enjoy her party with her guests. 

Hosting Virtual Baby Showers: The Flexibility of Online Celebrations


Did you know you can have a virtual baby shower where you can include your friend living miles away? A virtual baby shower is a thing nowadays, especially for busy moms-to-be and friends and family that live far away. Many think of virtual baby showers as a warm-up for the actual event.

Virtual baby showers are very flexible and can be held over a rather long period , as the honorees wish. Guests can be there for the expectant mom and send in their gifts, messages, and support tokens for the parents-to-be. These virtual baby showers are creative ways for people to organize their schedules at their own pace. 

Coordinating with Family and Friends: Finding the Ideal Date for All

It is not rare that first-time expecting parents wonder when do you usually have a baby shower. The answer is – a time suitable for everyone invited. Juggling time with family and friends to come together and celebrate the arrival of a baby can be tiresome.

Before setting the date, chat honestly with the invitees and try to find a middle ground that works for everyone.

Planning Ahead: Sending Invitations and Announcements

baby showers invitation

If you have a guest list ready, it’s time to think about the invitations. The golden rule states to send out invitations three to six weeks before the shower. This way, guests have enough time to RSVP and send in a gift. 


How far along do you wait to have a baby shower?

The typical and best time to have a baby shower is the second or early third trimester.

Is it OK to not have a baby shower?

Having a baby shower is ultimately a personal preference and not having one is completely fine. 

Who throws a baby shower?

A person (friend, family, co-worker) close to the mom-to-be usually throws the baby shower.

Who usually plans the baby shower?

The person who throws the shower usually plans it, but it isn’t unusual for moms-to-be to be involved in the planning. 

What is the purpose of the baby shower?

Showing emotional support for the expectant mother is the focal point of a baby shower.

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