Top Ways to Make Your Business Stand out from Its Competition


Look at the statistics of small businesses. Research shows that only 50% of new businesses make it out of the five-year period, while only a third reach the 10-year mark. As a small business owner, you’re fighting against the odds. But learning to embrace the odds and thrive during difficult situations is what differentiates a good business owner from the rest of the pack.

For example, you provide furnace repair services in Salt Lake City, Utah or other cities. How do you keep yourself above the competition? Are you going to offer the same services? Do you use the latest technology? What kind of customer experience can you provide?

The answer to all these questions will define the success of your business. If you are customer-focused, you will likely hang around for a long time. But if you focus your business on making a profit and not providing excellent service, you risk losing whatever headway you have.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

Your customers will be loyal to your business if you always provide excellent customer service. Some of the most successful companies in the world are great with customers. Your business doesn’t have to be in the service industry to focus on customer experience. Customers expect any business they interact with to provide great service. They are not going to wait in long lines or tolerate poor responses.

Handle Problems Well

customer service

There will be complaints about your products and services. It doesn’t matter if it’s your fault or not. Admit the mistakes if it is yours and go out of your way to make it up to the customer. If it’s not your fault, assist the customer in exchanging goods or repairing the products. Mess up on your dealings with customers, and they will write you off immediately. Not only are they never going to be your customers again, but they will also attack your brand on social media.

Never Lie to Your Customers

Be honest with your customers. If it will take time before their orders arrive, then say so. Do not fool them into thinking that they’ll have the product by a specified date if you know you can’t deliver. It’s one thing to want to attract customers. It’s a completely different thing to lie to them about the availability of the products and services. They will catch you, and they’ll never do business with you again.


Always introduce new products, services, technology, and processes to your customers. There’s nothing more deadly to a business than failing to innovate and follow trends. Your business needs to grab the attention of your market away from your competition. But to stand out, you must offer something new.

Build a Corporate Social Responsibility

Your company’s CSR programs will keep you on the news. Journalists will cover your events. You don’t need to pay a media company to mention your name on the news. Aside from the obvious promotional benefits of having a CSR, these activities show customers that you care. Doesn’t it feel good to give back to the community?

Standing out in a sea of competitors is getting harder. But the few simple tips mentioned here should keep the wheels turning. Focusing on what your customers want is the cardinal rule to marketing your business well.

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