It’s Good Business: 4 Reasons to Fix Pavement, Roads and Driveways

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Cracked pavements, roads, or parking lots riddled with potholes are problems that come with the changing seasons. This is especially true in Kansas City, where its erratic weather conditions frequently cause pavement damage and potholes.

When left unattended, a damaged pavement can lead to more serious problems down the road (pun not intended). In this article, we delve into the underlying reasons why you should get your pavement, driveway, and parking area fixed ASAP, especially if it’s at or close to your business.

1. It Increases Curb Appeal

What exactly is curb appeal? Whether it’s for a home or business, it’s the attractiveness of the structure’s exterior when viewed from the street. If you run a store or shop, you’ll notice that fewer customers may drive up and park in your lot when your pavement, driveway or parking area has cracks or potholes. Your business can also be viewed as subpar if your driveway or parking area is a poorly made patchwork of asphalt and concrete.

If there are any imperfections like a pothole on your pavement, get it fixed immediately.

2. It Cuts Long-term Costs

The leading cause of cracked pavement, road pavement damage, and potholes in cities like Kansas is the recurring freeze-thaw cycle. Once water gets into the smallest cracks in the pavement, the water freezes, then expands, and the resulting ice forces out bits of pavement.

If left unrepaired, one pothole can let more water seep into and under the pavement, which creates more potholes that create even more potholes. The potholes multiply until no passable pavement remains. Don’t ignore even the smallest potholes that develop, as you can be forced to have expensive repairs made to restore your pavement. If you see a pothole, immediately report it to Kansas City Hall or consult a paving contractor.

3. It’s a Safety Measure

Pothole in the roadApart from being unsightly, potholes can be inconvenient and dangerous. Potholes near your business can become deep pools of muddy water, and any prospective customer could fall into or stumble on them. These pools of dirty water can be accidentally splashed on bystanders by fast-moving vehicles. Serious car accidents may also result from motorists who don’t see the pothole, then swerve dangerously at the last minute to avoid them. Potholes can be a real source of frustration, and you wouldn’t want your business to be associated with them.

4. It Helps Ease & Direct Traffic

When there are potholes, motorists are forced to slow down to avoid damaging their car’s tires, brakes, or suspension systems. Driving cautiously may unwittingly make motorists notice your business, but it may be remembered more for the inconvenience of the potholes.

Foot traffic can also be affected, as customers will need to walk around potholes in pavement and may end up not visiting your establishment. Have any cracks or potholes in or around your perimeter fixed, as this should help direct traffic to your business, not away from it.

Keeping your pavement, driveway, and parking area in good condition isn’t only about giving your business curb appeal. Maintaining a clean, crack-free pavement is also a way to avoid accidents. Keeping your driveway and parking area pristine not only helps usher in business but also ensures hassle-free traffic flow and no one gets into any accidents. Never take details like this for granted, as fixing them can be useful for your business in ways you may not expect.

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