What is botulinum toxin and will it work for me??

Botox Kent has just become another part of normal life. It is interesting to think that this treatment has only been around since the 80s, but why is it here and could this treatment really help you?

It all started as a treatment for a very painful condition called cervical dystonia, where neck spasms would force a patient to hold their head at an unpleasant angle. By paralyzing the nerves that were keeping these neck muscles in contraction, patients were relieved of their symptoms. And it is still used for that today as well as paralysing other nerves that contribute to chronic migraines or even overactive bladders.

The active ingredient in these treatments is onabotulinumtoxinA. It is a semi-permanent muscle relaxer and is produced by a microbe called botulinum; you may have heard of it before because it is a microbe responsible for food poisoning in anaerobic conditions, particularly in hand-soldered tinned food that was common in the 1920s. When grown in large fermenters, the onabotulinumtoxinA can be collected from the growth medium and concentrated in much the same way that beer is brewed. After being tested and carefully packaged into syringes, it goes by many names, but, for this article, it is called botulinum toxin and is used to relax facial muscles responsible for wrinkles.

Finding a good practitioner

The majority of these injections are performed for cosmetic reasons, and, from a safety perspective, it is extremely safe if used properly. Therefore, the real hazard comes from poor practitioners rather than the product itself. You should seek out a practitioner with medical training in injectables. They are available at many medical spas that have their own on-site practitioner, but you can also find them at local dental clinics.


Prepping for treatment

Before treatment, you have to discuss your aesthetic goals with the practitioner. The application of botulinum toxin varies significantly depending on whether you are looking for a natural or age-defying look compared to a glamorous one. It is also important to discuss your medical history; are there any medications or other treatments procedures you are currently undergoing? Have you had any allergic reactions to or taken any other forms of muscle relaxant recently? If the practice that you are seeing does not ask any of these questions or seek out any medical information, this is a red flag and you should consider stopping the treatment.

How does it feel?

Most patients do not find receiving these types of injections difficult; the volumes of liquid administered are very small and the needles used are extremely fine, minimising discomfort. Most practitioners will provide a topical skin numbing cream before the injection, further reducing any issues you might come across.


After receiving the injections, you must leave the injection sites alone; it can be quite easy to rub at them, thereby moving the toxin to areas where it was never intended to be used and “blurring” the final effect. However you might feel about the treatment, it is temporary and will need to be repeated within 3 to 4 months if you wish to maintain your new appearance.

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