Tips on How to Make Weekends Productive

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If you work a daily 9 to 5 job, then your weekends are for relaxation. That’s two days for yourself after a tedious week of work. You’ll want to spend it focusing on leisure activities or simply catching up on sleep.

Surely, there are a lot of things you want to do. But with only two non-working days a week and the exhaustion from work, you feel like there’s no time. So you spend your weekends just lying on the couch, binge-watching random shows, and stress eating.

If you were able to relate to that, then you’ve probably woken up on a Monday morning feeling like you wasted your weekend doing nothing. You wish you did more important things or tried out exciting activities.

There’s a way that weekends can be relaxing and productive at the same time. Here are some things you can do to make the most out of your weekend.

Make a to-do list

You probably draft to-do lists every day at work so you can line up what you have to accomplish in the day. You know that without it, you’ll forget some tasks and end up unproductive. Well, it works the same way on weekends. If you don’t set plans, you’ll most likely end up doing nothing.

Try drafting a weekend to-do list every Friday night. List down all the things you want to do during your rest days and set schedules for them. For example, you can make a list of chores you want to be accomplished on Saturday, like cleaning your home, calling a plumber in Millcreek to repair your sink, etc. And then move on to self-care and relaxation activities on Sunday.

Stay away from social media

Although the weekend is the only time you get to go online and catch up with what’s happening on social media, try putting down your phone for a second. The digital world is like a black hole. If you can’t control it, you’ll end up watching cat videos and sharing memes the whole day.

If you want to spend the weekends more productively, limit your time on social media. Do exciting and fun things you’ve always wanted to do. The truth is, there’s plenty of time. You might just be spending it on the wrong things.

Do something different

If you’re working 8 hours a day, then you’re probably sticking to a routine. And chances are, you’re getting tired of it. The last thing you want is to make your weekend feel like a routine too.

Spice up your weekend and try something new. It could be going out on an adventure or simply reading a new book. Step out of your comfort zone, cut the routines, and unleash your adventurous side. That’s bound to get you excited and enthusiastic for the weeks to come.

Make the most out of mornings

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Although it’s tempting to stay in bed and oversleep, it’s not going to help you feel productive and accomplished. Wake up early and make the most out of your mornings. It’s the perfect time of the day to relax and have some quiet time. Take advantage of it.

Although you only get two days of rest in a week, make the most out of it. Make your weekends about you, and give yourself the leisure and relaxation you deserve.

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