Cheap Ways to Dress up Your Boring Desk at Work

Office desk

We spend 57% of our week in our office cubicles. You sit at your desk for seven to eight hours every workday. You get up occasionally when you need to use the restroom or take a lunch break. Most of the day, you occupy a small space in the office. That alone should be a reason for you to spruce it up and decorate it a bit.

You can check with to know the kinds of blinds or drapes that will work best. That is possible only if your cubicle is facing the window. You want natural light to come in because this boosts the mood and productivity in the office. But you should use heavy drapes to keep the cold (during summer season) and the warmth (during winter season) inside. This saves on energy cost.

Bulletin Board

A bulletin board is not only going to organize your to-do lists and checklists. You can also use it to post family photos and other memorabilia. You can use colors and other textures for your bulletin board. This will add color and personality to your cubicle.


If you love reading books, then, by all means, surround yourself with books and magazines that you love. You’re only going to read them during your solitary lunch break, but it’s nice to have the things you love around you. It may be far from a perfect lounge area, but the presence of books will help calm you.


It is better if the whole office can adopt the practice of putting plants around the room. If company policy prohibits this, ask if you can put a couple of succulents in your cubicle. Plants in the office increase the productivity and happiness of the employees. You can opt for low-maintenance plants such as cactuses, jade plants, and spider plants.

Decorative Mugs

Hold your coffee in something that will fit your personality. Do not use the boring company mug. Find a coffee mug that will add some character to your cubicle. It can be something from your travels or the local coffee shop.

Organizational Items

You may be able to work in chaos, but that’s counterproductive to what you’re trying to achieve. Keeping things neat and orderly in your cubicle will make you more productive. You’ll find documents and files faster when your boss asked for them. Mentally, you’ll work better with an organized desk and cubicle.


It can get pretty cramped up in the cubicle. Add a mirror so that it can give the illusion of more space. You’ll be surprised at how a mirror can open up a small space. You will also get to check out if your hair is in disarray or your makeup has faded.

Travel Knick-knacks

Office desk

Decorate your cubicle with some knick-knacks from your travel. You’ll find them a great motivation for why you need to work. When you’re bored and exhausted from working all day, a glance at these adorable souvenirs will help you remember the good times.

Make a plan first if you are unsure about how you want to decorate your cubicle. Gather some materials that will spruce up your workstation. Imagine how these things can add personality to your cubicle. Once you’ve decided, it’s time to put in the work.

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