Children and Dental Appointments: How to Keep Them Calm During Dental Visits

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Children can fear dentists as much as their parents do. Yet, you still need to bring them to keep their oral health in good condition. You can’t expect them to be brave by telling them there’s nothing to be afraid of. Some tactics need to happen if you want a successful dentist appointment. Here are some of those.

Practice Makes Perfect

Expose your children to the idea of going to dentists while they’re young. They can start going to the dentist as early as one year old. This allows them to feel at home in the dental clinic. They will grow confident every time you need to bring them.

Focus on Simple Details

Keep it as brief as possible to convince them to visit the dental clinic. You can tell them that they’re going for a routine check. Say that they only need to go so the dentist can check their smile. From a child’s perspective, this is better to hear than “You need some procedure.”

Use Gentle Words

Children will feel better if they don’t hear the words shot, pain, and hurt. Instead, use words like sugar bugs, and clean, healthy, and strong teeth. Use positive words to encourage them to attend their regular checkups. You should still use gentle words even when they’re getting treatment. This is to put the focus away from painful and direct it to make the teeth healthy.

Play Pretend Before the Appointment

Get some role-playing going before their appointment. You can be the dentist and they’re the patients. Use a toothbrush for this game and nothing else to avoid confusion. Use it to check their teeth and keep them healthy. Let them play with their toys and act as the dentists as well. Allowing them to play pretend familiarizes them with the dentist appointment.

Communicate with the Dentist


Dental practitioners and their staff know how to deal with patients. They can guide you on how to help your children finish their appointment. Follow them if they request you to keep a distance from your children. Some children become forceful when they see their parents. This might affect the procedure so know when to keep out of sight or stay near.

Choosing the Right Kind of Dentist

Bring them to a dentist for children in your Utah location. Pediatric dentists went into training to handle children’s oral health cases. They know how to deal with scared children. As a parent, you have more peace when you know that your children are in good hands.

Teach Your Children the Importance of Healthy Teeth

The point is to make them go to the dentist. Teach them its importance rather than forcing them. Tell them that strong teeth help them eat even hard foods. You can also set examples like how good it is when their breaths smell fresh. Let them know that these can all happen when they’re oral health is okay.

Give Them Positive Reinforcement

Reward them for being brave in the dental clinic. Do it after their dental appointment. Doing this shows them that something positive happens when they visit the dentist. Going to the dentist creates a positive vibe for them.

Make dental appointments a positive experience for them. This can teach them about confidence. They will be braver each visit when you encourage and praise them to go. Let them value their oral health early on to maintain a complete set of teeth even when they grow older.

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