Why Your Room is Cold

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The weather outside is cold but that’s all right. Your home is cozy and warm because the furnace working. Suddenly, as you scuttle into the next room, you feel it in your skin. Did this room suddenly turn cold?

Don’t call the Ghostbusters yet. That cold spot is not some paranormal event. It is actually cold and there are inconsistencies in temperature in some parts of the house. Heat gain or loss can be a fact of life in some cases but what we can do is minimize those cases. Here are some reasons and solutions for that uncomfortable cold spots and the effective ways to save money from heating or electrical bills.

  • Old windows

Heat must be leaking through some gaps in the windows. This can be solved by weather stripping or caulking. Consider replacing them with double-pane windows with Low-E coating. They are windows with 2 panes of glass with a layer of insulation between them. The low-E coating reflects heat thus keeping it inside the room. Heat loss from windows cost 25% – 30% of the heating or cooling energy use.

  • Poor insulation

Walls that have inadequate insulation lose and take in more heat depending on the weather. While it can be cold during the night if the walls are facing west then it would be noticeably hotter than the rest of your house.

  • Furnace maintenance

Gas furnaces must be maintained once every year. While there are tutorials floating around on the internet on how to clean and maintain a furnace, it can still be a risky task. Professional furnace maintenance services in Salt Lake City and other metropolitan areas are not only safer but also hassle-free. Modern heating systems can be complicated with circuitry and requires experience and knowledge from HVAC technicians to assess the ductwork and air circulation.

dusty air vent

  • Dirty filters

Filters are located in the vents coming to and from your furnace or air conditioning units. A dirty filter will clog the whole air circulation in the ducts, costing you more in electricity or heating bills. You can clean them once before you have to replace them with a new one without any professional help.

  • Closed vents

One of the most common reasons a room is cold is when a duct is either closed or obstructed. Always keep an eye on whether the lever is open or closed. Aside from that, keep the room free from dust, furniture, or drapes so it can function as intended.

  • Faulty air ducts

Air leaks in the duct system can lose that hot air that should be delivered to a room. Holes, poorly connected ducts, and leaks will result in higher bills and uncomfortable room temperatures. If you see some black distribution of air from furnaces or AC units, call for expert ductwork maintenance. HVAC technicians can find and resolve any issue that can arise on the supply and return vents to balance the whole system.

Hopefully, with some elbow grease and some professional help, you can eradicate some of those cold spots in your house, especially during the winter months.

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