What Does Your Proposal Story Tell About You?


You’re finally going to marry the love of your life. Getting engaged is only one-fourth of the battle. There’s the inevitable hassle of planning a wedding, merging the families, and, of course, making your marriage work. But for now, congratulations! You are off on your way to have the family life you’ve always dreamed of. Before you begin your adventure, what kind of proposal did you have?

Surely, before the thought of buying a custom wedding band for them came into your mind, you’d thought about the proposal. How were you going to ask your partner to marry you? Where would you pop the question? How would she react?

The way you proposed tells a lot about who you are as a couple. However grand your proposal may be, it symbolizes your characters and personalities. Every couple has their own little world. The proposal is the one thing they show to people. You cannot judge couples based on how they have gotten engaged. But you can get a pretty good idea of how they are as a couple.

The Vacation Proposal

If you proposed during a vacation abroad, then that means that you’re an adventurous couple. You’re no stranger to jetting off to far-flung areas and enjoying a private beach. Couples who get engaged during a vacation knows how important these moments are. They are busy at work most of the time, so a vacation is a perfect way for them to get engaged.

The Christmas Proposal

proposing at Christmas

Do you know how many couples get engaged during Christmas? If your partner is the type of person who enjoys these festivities, then this is the right time to pop the question. How much more festive can Christmas get by getting engaged?

Getting engaged over the holidays shows how you value family and traditions. Couples spend the holidays with their respective families most of the time. If you pop the question during Christmas Eve, for example, it will only mean that you’re comfortable about merging your families.

The Private Proposal

Couples can get creative with how they get engaged. Have you ever heard of a friend who got engaged on top of the mountain? These are adventurous people, but they are also very private. It’s not just that they want to be different. They want the proposal to be private, too. Does it matter if it’s on top of the mountain or at a private dinner somewhere? Many couples want to keep their relationships private, revealing only the most important details to their friends and families.

The Spontaneous Proposal

These are probably the most romantic engagements. Can you imagine washing the dishes and suddenly becoming engaged the next minute? When you know, you just know. It doesn’t matter where it happens. You can get engaged while cooking meals or before bedtime. Sometimes, there are no rings involved — just that sheepish grin and the light in their eyes.

It doesn’t matter what kind of engagement you have. What’s important is that you’re going to get married to someone you love. You can propose on top of the mountain or while washing the dishes. You can plan it up to the last detail or follow your heart to spontaneity.

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