Everyday Habits that Can Ruin Hair Extensions

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Hair extensions offer a quick way to transform your look. Just like your natural hair, they require proper maintenance to keep them soft and healthy.

When hair extensions start to deteriorate, it’s easy to blame the product quality and, sometimes, even our hairstylists. Women often overlook how our daily habits can contribute to the wear and tear of our extensions. That said, it’s time to stop the blame game and instead, avoid these habits to keep your hair integrations intact as long as possible:

Improper washing

Washing your extensions can be tricky. Over-washing can reduce their natural moisture, leaving them dry and brittle. On the other hand, failing to wash hair integrations regularly can lead to dull and lifeless strands. Dirt and products can build up over time, preventing moisture from reaching the cuticle and leaving strands more prone to breakage.

That said, most hairstylists recommend washing your extensions at least once a week to maintain their shine and prevent damage.

Using harsh products

Hair integrations require more nutrients and attention than natural strands. As such, using regular shampoo and conditioner can have irreversible effects. These products often come with chemicals and high alcohol content that can be harmful to extensions.

Instead, stick to moisture-rich cleansers that are free from potentially harmful chemicals such as paraben, sulfate, and phosphate. Read product labels carefully and consult your stylist on the best products to use.


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Thoroughly drying your hair integrations will keep them soft and shiny. Avoid storing damp extensions as these can be breeding grounds for harmful bacteria and even mold.

To ensure hair is fully dried, separate each fusion section before air- or blow-drying. Check wefts for moisture by pressing them against your forefinger or thumb. For clip-in bang extensions, use a heat protectant spray before styling. Ensure your heat tools are set to 120° C or 250° F. High temperatures can result in severely damaged hair, which can be difficult to rejuvenate.

Exposure to pollutants

Since hair is often unprotected, it’s always at the mercy of air pollution. Smog, car exhaust, and cigarette smoke can linger on your extensions and strip them of their natural moisture. Sometimes, these pollutants carry ash, coal, tar, and acids, which can dull both the color and luster of your hair. ;

Using a silk cloth to cover your head can help hair integrations last longer. Stop smoking if you can, and avoid highly polluted areas. You may also wash your hair extensions up to three times a week if you’re regularly exposed to air pollutants. Although it’s best to check with your stylist first since the frequency of washing depends on the current state of your extensions. Your stylist may also recommend rotating the hair you use every time you get a new installation. This will prevent over-washing and ensure all sections of your hair are in good condition.

Excessive cutting

One way to preserve your extensions is to give them a good trim now and then. But too much can weaken the roots. If you must achieve a shorter length, make sure to hydrate your integrations afterward using natural hair oils. This will save your strands from premature breakage and eliminate any damaging radicals.

Like everything of value, hair extensions need to be treated with the highest level of care. Developing good haircare habits from the start is essential to ensuring you make the most of your investment. The better you take care of your extensions, the softer and stronger your locks become.

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