Understanding the options

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Whether it is a child or an adult who is seeking support to straighten their teeth, professionals who are specifically trained in this field of dentistry are equipped with the knowledge, tools, and experience that is needed to ensure that the right approach is taken for best results.

Most children are taken to see one of these professionals at around the age of 7, once their adult teeth are starting to come in. There is no steadfast rule to this and it is at the parent’s discretion. A dentist will be able to provide some insight when a child reaches the appropriate developmental stages and will provide a basic understanding of the reasons why orthodontics in Weybridge are so critical.

For both adults and children alike, ensuring that both the bite and the position of the teeth are aligned will have a significant impact on their quality of life. Some adults have found that even though they didn’t urgently require braces in their youth, the appearance of their smile with crooked teeth has left them with a lower self-esteem than they would have had. Teeth do shift with age and will likely only become more twisted, so action is always preferred sooner rather than later in these situations to improve the appearance and health of a smile.

For children with malocclusion, they can experience difficulties with biting, chewing, and speaking, to name but a few. These complications can be further compounded as they age, so again, with swift action, professionals are able to rectify these wrongs and allow them the ability to eat and speak properly during development.

What are some of the devices available?

person holding an invisalign

There are many models of braces now available and most are designed for specific situations in mind. Still, the traditional fixed braces are a popular choice because they give the dentist the most control over the movement of teeth and therefore are used in the most complex of cases.

For adults who are looking for more discreet options, then there is a vast selection of removable, clear and invisible aligners and braces available for them to choose from.

A dentist will go through each option with their patient and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of every model for their patient’s unique situation. Some individuals will have the luxury of choosing a model from a vast selection, whilst others, with more severe malocclusion or bite issues, will have a more limited choice.

Many adults believe that they are too old for braces which is completely false. It may take a little longer to obtain those desirable results because the bones are more set in the mouth than compared with a teenager, however, teeth can safely be moved into their correct position regardless of age and there will be positive impacts of this on the individuals health and emotional wellbeing.

Straighter teeth are healthier, so by taking this momentous step and choosing to straighten teeth, patients will be doing themselves and their oral health a favour for life.

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