Tips and Tricks to Convince Your Kid to Get a Haircut

Why is getting a haircut such a nightmare-ish activity for the kids? Why couldn’t they sit still for 10 minutes? They don’t have that much hair to begin with. It will take the hairdresser only around five to 10 minutes to cut and style their hair. It shouldn’t be such a nightmare if they will only sit still. So how come this is a traumatic experience for everyone—the parents, the kids, and the hairdresser–involved?

Kids overreact when they hear the words hair-cutting shears. They associate the word “cut” with pain. They think that it is painful to get their hair cut. You should think of a friendlier term for the word “cut.” Tell your kid that their hair needs a trim. That’s one way of easing their fear of going to the hairdresser.

Talk to Them

Respect your kid’s intellect. They know what needs to happen. Talk to them about having a haircut. Tell them that they need one because their hair is getting on their eyes. Tell them that a haircut is going to make them look better. Show them that it won’t hurt, too. You can cut the hair of a doll to show them that there’s nothing bad about a haircut. Don’t disrespect their intellect by assuming that they don’t know what’s about to happen.

Go to a Pro

Look for a professional hairdresser that caters to kids. These salons are often designed according to what kids want. They have iPads or screens to show nursery rhymes and other cartoons. They play Disney songs. They even have toys to distract the kids. The kids are going to be so distracted that they don’t notice what happens to their hair.

That being said, never try to cut your kid’s hair yourself. You are not trained to do it. Your kid may even resent you for doing something they’re not comfortable with.

Trick Your Kid

You can put your kid to sleep first before the hairdresser starts with their hair. Hopefully, the hairdresser is trained enough to cut hair even when you’re carrying your kid. Some mothers find that it’s the buzzing sound of the clipper that scares the kid. You can let your kid wear earmuffs so that they don’t hear the sound.

Reward Them

The reward system will always work with kids. Promise a lollipop or ice cream treat if they sit still for a haircut. This is always the best way to make your kid do something they don’t want. Make sure to give them candies only when they do something good. Otherwise, the reward won’t matter anymore.

Hair cut close up

Go Tough on Them

Sometimes, tough love is better. It will get the job done. Your kid can cry all they want. Eventually, they will learn to be fine with a haircut. They don’t need to cry hysterically every time you go to the salon. They will realize that it’s not bad to have a haircut. They’re going to sit still because no matter what they do, it’s still going to happen. That will instill discipline.

It is normal for kids not to want a haircut. There’s nothing wrong with your kid if they scream hysterically every time someone touches their hair. Try out different tricks to get them to sit still on the hairdresser’s chair. Sooner or later, you’ll find a trick that works.

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