The Family that Exercises Together, Succeeds Together

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To a large degree, America has become a victim of its own success. Undoubtedly, many Americans are enjoying living standards that are far beyond the reach of less privileged families in poorer countries. The birthplace of the Big Mac is definitely teeming with affluence. But alas and alack, such moneyed existence is taking a huge toll on America’s health. To date, American adults are the heaviest in the bunch. With obesity rates at 38.2%, the Land of the Brave is considered the fattest country in the world, more than any other country.

All that may not mean anything to you. Know, however, that obesity has been directly linked with shorter lifespans for everyone. Studies show as flabs increase, the risk of life-threatening diseases also rises.

Thank God for exercise. A regular dose of exercise routines, such as cardiovascular workout, has been found effective in keeping your weight within a manageable range. The best part’s doing it with the family should make such tasks a lot easier to handle.

Obesity Kills

Being fat may come with more complications than just finding jeans that don’t fit. According to WHO (World Health Organization), a raised Body-Mass Index or BMI is associated with higher risks of life-threatening diseases. We’re talking about cardiovascular diseases such as stroke and heart diseases.

But the list doesn’t end there. It also includes diabetes and osteoarthritis. To make matters worse, cancer is part of the list—specifically, common cancers such as breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men.

Multiple studies have shown that obesity indeed is associated with shorter lifespans. One particular study was comprehensive. It involved 190,672 individuals monitored over the decades, from 1964 to 2015.

Now, all that certainly puts being overweight in a bad light. But this also shows the deep pit America is in right now. Why? It’s simply because America has gotten heavier as the years roll by.

In the last count, over 70 million American adults are clinically obese. On the other end, overweight individuals numbered about 99 million. That’s a lot of fat in the wrong place.

The difficulties of being obese are many. Right from the get-go, obese mothers suffer a greater risk of a complicated pregnancy. Even worse, newborns from obese mothers are also prone to developmental issues.

But there may not be a more telling proof to this than America’s deaths. Every year over 600,000 people die of heart disease in Uncle Sam’s lands. This number has made it the number one cause of death for the country.

Come to think of it, it’s a wake-up call for everyone to start to be in tiptop shape.

Benefits of Exercise for the Family

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There is a process to all this, though. Nobody became fat in just a day. Observing good habits should help fight obesity.

And physical activity has been key to preventing obesity. For one, you get to spend more energy when you sweat. This means as your total energy expenditure rises, your body will have to work overtime to compensate for lost energy. When that happens, you could lose weight faster as you drop calories.

Exercise has also been proven to decrease fat around your waist. That is a great added benefit. Belly fat is considered the worst fat. Experts explain such fat is associated with heart disease more than any other fat in the body.

Another top benefit of exercise is it helps you get to your best shape. For instance, numerous data show it can help with back pain relief. Fact is many health practitioners encourage their patients to do workouts and stretches to relieve back strain.

The Advantages of Doing Exercise as a Family

Exercising as a family has many benefits that you can’t get when doing things alone. For one, an active parent spawns an active child. Studies done at the University of Cambridge revealed that children are more likely to have an active lifestyle when their parents stay active.

By setting an example, you would have given your child positive reinforcement. In a world where drug addiction and vices are rampant, that’s a life-changing one.

Plus, exercising together as a family is fun. It introduces your child to the idea that exercise is not an uphill climb but an enjoyable task.

When children mirror their parent’s exercise-driven lifestyle, lifelong habits are formed. You would have chartered a brighter course for your child away from bad habits. In short, it’s one geared towards success. . Plus, when you exercise together, you get to bond more. And that forms a stronger relationship with your child to last a lifetime.

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