Styling Your Bed for Maximum Comfort: What Should You Do?

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Everyone spends half of their lives in their beds. Whether it’s sleeping, resting, or being intimate, the bed plays a big part in one’s day-to-day life. This is why you cannot neglect it when considering your overall health and well-being. If you should make one area in your home as luxurious as possible, make it your bed. Here are some essential tips for styling your bed for maximum comfort and frill.

Establish a base

Your bed frame will influence every other styling decision regarding your bed, which is why it’s so important to choose one that will stand the test of time and that you won’t get tired of easily. Here are some tips for choosing the best possible bed frame for you:

  • Consider your bedroom—the color of the walls and how you want it to look. Your bed does not exist in a vacuum; it needs to work about everything else in your room, so you want to ensure that the bed frame you choose will work well with the vision you have for your bedroom. Visit furniture stores in your area to get an idea of the look and feel you want for your bed.
  • Decide on color, height, shape, and headboard style. Consider going as neutral as you can when choosing a bed frame so that you have free reins to go crazy with the sheets, blankets, throws, and pillows.
  • Make sure the bed frame’s size is perfectly scaled according to your bedroom’s square meters. A king-size bed might be good in theory, but not at the expense of your ability to walk freely in your bedroom.
  • Try sketching out how you want your bedroom to look so that you can plan where your bed, chair, desk, rugs, and other design elements will go. It will help you narrow down your bed frame choices, too.

Choose your go-to colors for the sheets

Once you’ve found the perfect bed frame and mattress, now is the time to decide on the colors and types of sheets you want to go for. Once again, the safest option is white sheets because they look immaculate, and you have more freedom to play with the additional layers.

But it will depend on the look and feel you want to go for, too; white is not the only option. You can go for earthy neutral tones or even pastels. Make sure that whatever color or print you choose, you can still add layers without the whole thing looking too overwhelming to the eyes.

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Incorporate layers for contrast

Here are some basic layers you can consider adding on top of your first sheet to incorporate more contrast and dimension:

  • Many people are confused about the difference between a duvet and a comforter, but here is a general rule: A comforter is thicker and is only one lawyer. In contrast, a duvet requires two layers that are on the thinner side. A duvet has two essential pieces: an insert and a cover. If you truly want your bed to look more plush and cozy, consider opting for a duvet instead. To make it look extra fluffy, fold the duvet in half and pull the whole thing back into thirds.
  • Euro sham pillows are square pillows that were specifically designed to be decorative more than for providing comfort. The number of euro sham pillows you can add will depend on the size of your bed.
  • Grounding pillows are your more standard pillows, and they need to go behind your euro sham pillows.
  • Create a triangle using the euro sham pillows, and add a throw to provide contrast and dimension to the bed.
  • Decide on how many pillows you’re comfortable with, especially if you have to remove the euro shams every night to be able to lay down.
  • When choosing colors for your throws and euro shams, follow the 60-30-10 design principle, which states that your color palette should be 60 percent the main color (like the walls and large accent pieces), 30 percent the secondary color which supports the main color, and 10 percent the accent color which may be bolder and adds a splash of vibrancy to the room.

Incorporate a bench at the foot of the mattress

Adding a bench at the foot of the bed can help tie your room together, and it can be additional seating and storage, too. It’s both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Your bed needs to be the most comfortable and lush area in your house. Don’t hesitate to invest in it and, in turn, your sleep hygiene.

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