Restless Lately? Here are 4 Ideas to Improve Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

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Maybe you’re not a morning person, but it could also be that your bedroom isn’t as healthy as you think it is. If you’ve been suffering from frequent bouts of restlessness and fatigue lately, it’s worth observing the quality rest you get.

Several factors in your bedroom could actually be hindering your body from reaching its deepest level of rest. Setting aside the popular warnings against bright lights, electronics, food, and exercise just before bedtime, here are four underrated improvements that can finally give you the feeling of being well-rested.

That Ancient Mattress

Do you know how old your mattress is? Its age will tell you whether a replacement is due. Mattresses that are a decade old need to be thrown out to make way for one better suited to your sleeping needs.

The ideal type will reduce your stress levels by promoting deeper and longer sleep. The more rested you are. The sharper your cognitive functions will be. Your back and joints shouldn’t suffer from any tension or pain, and the mattress shouldn’t be so stiff as to cause a gap with your body. The fewer the gaps, the better it’s able to support your posture.

If your current mattress doesn’t meet these needs, don’t wait a decade to put it aside. Getting good sleep is integral, especially during a global health crisis, as it’s one way to boost your immune system.

Consider purchasing your bedroom furniture online. UK furniture companies have efficiently converted their services online to make your shopping experience as seamless as possible during the pandemic. This means you can easily get your dream mattress hassle-free and risk-free.

Quick reminder: make sure to sanitize before hauling your new mattress into your home!

That Unsightly Wall Paint

There’s a lot of debate about the perfect wall color to achieve optimum rest. While color psychology will raise plenty of good points about whites, grays, and greens, there’s a very scientific reason blue takes the throne in this debate.

Have you ever heard of ganglion cells? They’re found in your eyes, and these receptors are the ones responsible for taking in colors. Here’s the gist: they respond to blue the best, which means it amplifies the effects blue has on your psyche.

Scientists may not know exactly how color impacts the human mind and emotions, but they have proven that blue induces feelings of calm, security, and order. This could be because you automatically associate it with calming natural elements like the sky and the sea. If blue isn’t your favorite color, then tone it down to a warmer shade or throw in a little grey in the mix.

That Single Feeling

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It’s a trend now. Married couples are taking separate beds, not because of bad feelings but because they want to sleep better. Several factors go into this decision, none of which are as scientific as the retina’s ganglion cells.

People with partners who snore a lot and toss around often can interrupt their sleep. Some are not subtle about checking their phones or using the bathroom a 3 AM. That’s not to mention space hoarders. Some people cannot sleep well enough unless they’re making snow angels on the bed.

Should this be the case for you, try sleep divorce. Create the option of sleeping in another room or on a separate bed for practical reasons.

That Fluffy Carpet

Regardless of how much you love that exotic rag in your bedroom, rolling it up may be best for your health. Keeping dust and mites away aren’t solely reliant on getting allergen-proof bedsheets and blankets. You might actually have to go with a bare floor if you want to keep your allergies from flaring up every night.

There are also floor choices that are easier to clean, which may simplify keeping the dust and mites away. Try natural tiles, linoleum, and Forest Stewardship Council-certified solid wood. The cleanliness of your floor could affect the cleanliness of the air you breathe in your bedroom, so stow away that carpet and get better flooring ASAP.

Pursue Comfort

Add scents to your sheets and dim the lights. Bring in plants and shut out environmental noises. The process is different for everyone, so you have to find out which ones allow you to increase your comfort. After all, the better you sleep, the happier you’ll be.

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