People Spend Nearly 40 Minutes of Their Daily Lives in Kitchens

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On average, Americans above 18 years old spend about 37 minutes of their daily lives in the kitchen. That’s nearly 800,000 minutes throughout your life!

It is no longer surprising why kitchens have a high resale value in the market. You will spend a lot of time here. You might as well make sure it’s always a pleasant one.

Now, what do people do in the kitchen? It varies. It can range from prepping the ingredients to cooking the food and cleaning up. Regardless, most of these activities involved one crucial element: water.

The Effects of Water on Your Kitchen

A typical American household uses from 18 to 26 gallons of water every day. These already include water for the utility sink and the bathroom. Note that your dishwasher might need about 6 gallons of it daily.

In other words, kitchens can already be synonymous with water. The problem is that not all of the water will go down the drain. You’ll end up splashing some of them to your cabinetry.

Others might linger on the kitchen counter. As it accumulates, water seeps through the countertop and sometimes runs down to the lower cabinet doors. When this happens, you can expect two things. One, wood (if you’re using this material) will begin to deteriorate. It can expand as it absorbs water.

Second, water can increase moisture levels. Together with the cabinet’s dampness and darkness, you are likely to face mold problems in the kitchen. Mold is not as life-threatening as some people believe. People with respiratory allergies, however, can be sensitive to mold. It can also lead to fast-food spoilage.

How to Deal with These Kitchen Problems

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Like other parts of your home, your kitchen needs a lot of love. One of the first steps to take is to consider replacing your kitchen surfaces.

For instance, you can invest in high-pressure laminate panels. These panels feature different layers such as kraft paper with resin, decorative paper, and clear melamine that serves as the overlay.

The manufacturers then use high temperature and pressure to bond these sheets. Then, they attach these bonded sheets to a solid substrate, such as a particle board or a medium-density fiberboard. This technology makes the countertop or the cabinet door not only aesthetically appealing but also durable. It is less likely to warp even when exposed to water.

Freshome also provides other tips. One option is to relocate your sink and bring it much closer to other commonly used kitchen appliances. These are your refrigerator and the stove.

Such relocation can be intensive, especially if the reason for the sink’s awkward position is your pipe. Plumbing services can reorient the water flow in your home. You can install a plastic, tile, or metal backsplash. It makes cleaning easier and prevents water from splashing into your kitchen walls.

Your kitchen sees a lot of action throughout your life. You can ensure it can stand years of activity with proper care and maintenance. That includes limiting the accumulation of water, especially near kitchen surfaces.

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