Online Education: Parents’ Roles in the Current Educational System

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There are currently 825 million learners affected by school closures because of COVID-19. Schools are advising their students to take online classes as a substitute for in-class learning. Online classes are not the same as before since most students do not have the luxury of gadgets and proper internet connection.

Students who take online classes are also struggling to motivate themselves to study. Some are distracted by their phones, and others are simply failing at staying focused.

Parents Involvement in Child Education

It is natural for parents to be involved in their child’s development and education. They also know that their support is vital to their child’s future career and success. Our parents were our first teachers since the day we learned how to talk.

They helped us learn our first words. Our parents helped us learn how to take one step at a time until we were finally able to walk. They were the ones who taught us values, discipline, and manners. Their role is important in nurturing a child and providing them with everything they need to climb the ladder of success.

People say that our parents are the backbone of our success. They have always been there for us, cheering us from the beginning, motivating us, and believing in us. Those acts from our parents are the reason why we are standing on our feet today.

For the future generation, parents are working extra hard to give their children the best education despite all the chaos going on around the world. For the parents of the current generation and current educational system, here are things that you need to know:

1. Become the source of motivation

As a parent, you need to become your child’s source of motivation. Studying online is already tough as it is for most students. They have less motivation to face their computer and talk to the screen for another day. Unlike before, kids are more motivated to go to school because they get to see their friends and classmates and hang out with them during break time.

In today’s educational system, children can only see their classmates through the screen. No high-fives, no fist-bumps, and personal greetings. Those things can suck out a child’s motivation to study. As a parent, you should give them something that motivates them. You can set up a prize at the end of the week if your child log-in to class on time and study well.

You can also give them something as a reward at the end of the day for attending their classes. Children are more motivated to do something when they’re given a reward, especially if it’s something that they’ve always wanted.

2. Comfortable Learning Spot

For your child to study well, giving them a comfortable learning spot can help. Set up a table that only has their computer, notebook, and pen. Do not put unnecessary things on their table like colored pencils and action figures since this can distract them.

Instead, you can post motivational quotes on the wall so that when they look at it, they’ll be reminded of their motivations and goal. As a parent, you need to ensure that they are using efficient gadgets and have a stable internet connection to prevent any interruption. You also need to make sure that the child is not distracted by any noise during their study sessions.

3. Options in Learning

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Aside from attending classes online, you should set up a plan to make your child study outside of classes. Constantly stimulating their brain lets them get used to the concept of studying. Letting them study online helps them familiarize themselves using the computer and looking up helpful study materials.

Parents with older kids are letting their kids explore something that they want to do. Letting them read books and magazines online to help them discover things that they want to do. Some parents are also letting their children explore other languages or letting them engage in art. Letting them explores things is a great way to awaken their creativity.

Our children are creative learners if they are motivated well. A parent’s support is enough to make a child grow and thrive on being the best in the world. Some of the most successful people owe their life lessons to their parents, who supported them from the beginning.

Parents do not ask much from their children. All they want for them is to grow into a well-disciplined and well-mannered person. Raising a well-mannered child is enough to make the parents know that they did their job right. A child’s future success is only the bonus of their development and growth.

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