Maximise Your Living Space with These Home Improvements


The majority of us are all stuck at home right now due to the ongoing pandemic. It’s been going on for months, and quarantining this long can be bad for a person’s mental health. That is especially true If they aren’t living in a good environment. According to the National Counseling Society (NCS), our environment affects our mental health. Living in a small or cluttered space can be unhealthy for those living in it. It probably didn’t matter as much before the pandemic started. Since people tend to be at work more often than at home, but now that we’ve been told to stay at home and have implemented a work-from-home protocol. Being in a cramped space for long periods can feel suffocating. If you want to find a way to make space and save space at the same time, why not consider some of these home improvements:


Don’t underestimate the importance of shelves to help maximise space. Shelves are the best way you can save up on space at home or in your apartment. You have to start thinking vertically instead of always thinking horizontally. Your floor space is important because you need it to get around your home easily. So instead of taking up so much floor space, you should take advantage of your wall space. Cover your walls from floor to ceiling with shelves, and you’ll save so much on floor space.

Wall Lights

Remember: think vertically. Instead of buying lamps that’ll take up more floor or desk space, install lighting on your walls. Have one fixed above where your bed rests or on top of your desk.

Floor-to-Ceiling Mirrors

Installing floor-to-ceiling mirrors in your bedroom would save up more space and is actually more convenient than buying a standing mirror. It doesn’t only have to be in your bedroom, you can place one in your kitchen, in the living room, where you please. Having a floor-to-ceiling mirror will also help brighten up a room more since it reflects light.

Sliding Doors or Roll-up Doors

steel metal door

Doors actually take up a lot of space because you have to consider that it might hit something when you open it. A great solution to this problem is to install sliding doors or roll-up doors instead.


Another great way to save up on space is to put everything in organisers. Make use of every cabinet door you have at home by attaching organisers to the insides or outsides of the doors. In the kitchen, place organisers on the inside of your pantry door where you can place spices or condiments. You can use organisers to hang belts, neckties, accessories, socks, and even shoes in your closet cabinet. In the bathroom, this is where you can put your shampoo, soaps, and conditioners. You could also hang your hairdryer on the wall instead of placing it inside the cabinet.

Staircase Drawers or Cabinets

If you live in a big home and have a second floor, use the space underneath your staircase by converting it into drawers or cabinets. You can then store your shoes, coats, or even extra clothes here.

Recessed outlets

Avoid having the head of your plugs sticking out and taking up more floor space by installing recessed outlets. It may seem like a small improvement, but it’s actually very convenient when you think about it.

Modular Furniture

Furniture takes up the majority of your living space. You can save more space by investing in modular furniture. These are basically furniture that allows you to rearrange it in a way that saves more space. It is built exactly to save space and to make the most out of your furniture. Usually, modular furniture serves more than one function. Sets of chairs can be turned into a sofa or a bed. Some can be used as chairs and as tables. Some chairs and tables are also used as a storage space.

When it comes to saving space, you really have to remember one thing: Make the most of what you have. If you have little floor space, change your perspective, and use your wall space instead. Instead of buying furniture that only has one purpose, purchase furniture that can be transformed and serves many functions. Make use of all the space you have, such as the empty spaces in your shelves, behind cabinet doors, or underneath the stairs. And lastly, organise. Sometimes the only reason your place seems crowded is that there is plenty of clutter all around. Take the time to organise your things and declutter and see how big a difference it can make.

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