Crafting at Home: Using the Garage as a Workshop


For many, the garage is the place where you take good care of your car. This is where you park it if it needs a breather or tinker with it if you hear something weird while it is running. But some people have found other uses for this space. It could be due to its size and its accessibility, but it can be the ideal area in your house where you can dabble in various crafts. If you play your cards right, you may even stand to earn from these. There is nothing more fun than being able to do your favorite hobbies and earn from it too. So open up your garage door and get yourself working.

Beer Craft

A lot of people love beer. It is the drink that brings individuals together. You pop one while you are with your friends watching the latest football game, or even when you are just hanging out with your neighbors. When you finally meet relatives that you have not seen for a long time, that would also be a good time to indulge in a few gulps of the bitter drink.

Crafting beer is actually quite a simple process. It is just something that needs space, and that is why doing this in a garage would make sense. The items you will need are a few buckets or glass jars where you keep the mixture to ferment, a large pot, funnels, and a capping tool to seal the bottles with tin caps. These all could already fill the garage. Anything less will feel cramped.

It will take you a couple of weeks before you can produce the finished products. When that time comes, you can invite neighbors and friends over to get a taste of your concoction. If there are enough people who are happy with the taste, then you have the potential to make it a business. So you have to remember where you put your recipes and keep them close to you, as someone might steal that from you.

Diorama Craft

Dioramas are basically scenes that you can recreate at a much smaller scale. The sky is the limit when it comes to the subject that you want to work on. Some of the most popular involve bodies of water like lakes and rivers. To achieve the transparent look and ripples on the surface, you can go creative with it. You can pour resin, and once that has dried, you can dab some glue onto the surface to recreate the wavy texture of water.

Finished dioramas are absolutely gorgeous. It is fun to point out how detailed they are for something that imitates life at a smaller scale. If this is a hobby you like, you can make a living out of it if you get hired in a movie or TV production outfit. They use miniature sets as visual effects. If the scene requires a large area to have an explosion, a diorama would be a good substitute for the real thing. That could be something that looks good on camera without endangering others’ lives.

Food Craft


Just like crafting your own beer, you can also make food in your garage. One example of this would be processed meats like sausages and hot dogs. You will need heavy equipment like mixers and grinders. While this set up is still no match to a true-blue assembly line, you can still make huge batches from it. To store all those, you better add a couple of chest freezers.

If meat is not your thing, you can set up a bakery instead. You will also need the space for pieces of equipment, most notably the oven. Once you can make a few batches without any trouble, your neighbors will start to wonder where that sweet smell of freshly-baked bread is coming from.

Furniture Craft

Many homeowners have turned their garages into their own carpentry workshops. This is a hobby that also involves heavy tools, mostly for sawing and drilling. The materials that you use also take up a lot of space. You will find yourself stacking slabs of wood and maybe even thick sheets of metal in that space.

It can get messy inside a workshop. You can blame all the sawing and chipping that you have to do to craft pieces of furniture. The wide space that the garage gives you will make cleanup a breeze. The hard work is all worth it, though. Not only are you able to make stuff that you can really use around the house, but you can also put a touch of your own design in each creation too.

The garage has proven itself to be a versatile part of the house. With the number of things that you can turn it to, it can fulfill your need for a hobby that can potentially even give you an extra income source. So if you have an idea that seems to have its roadblocks, maybe you need to see if giving it this space could help you fulfill it.

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