5 Bathroom Additions to Help You Relax


Bathrooms should be the second coziest room inside the house, next to the bedroom. You will be spending a lot of time inside the shower and the toilet, which means that you should feel relaxed and comfortable every time you enter. However, the bathroom can be difficult to maintain, which could affect your mood while showering. Your bathroom may need renovation to help provide you with the relaxing atmosphere you deserve. Here are some of the additions that can set a comfortable mood.

Vanity Mirrors

Bathrooms are relatively small compared to other areas of the house. When a bathroom acts like a confined space, you will be rushing out of the door more than staying inside. Mirrors can add extra space to a structurally small room. You should consider filling one side of the walls with mirrors to help provide you with the illusion of a wider bathroom. However, you should consider adding lighting to your mirrors. Vanity mirrors will help make your bathroom feel like your personal space, which will invite relaxation. When you see yourself in your bathtub having a comfortable dip, you will transform your bathroom into one of the coziest rooms of the house.

Dim Lighting

A bright white light can be annoying for the eyes, but it is essential to make your home habitable. However, you do not need to have an unpleasant view inside your bathroom. Lighting affects the mood of people, especially when they are in a certain room inside the house. Bedrooms often have lights switched off to invite sleep. You need to have a well-lit living room to perform household chores and family activities. For the bathroom, you should consider having an adjustable light. If you can dim the lights, you can set the mood ahead of a relaxing shower. Lights with an orange and yellow hue will also give you an atmosphere similar to a massage parlor or spa.

water heater

Water Heater

Nothing jolts you awake like a cold shower. If you want to be energetic and alert for the day, you should consider tolerating freezing water. However, you might want to have a relaxing and cleansing bath for the day, which is where a water heater comes in handy. You will be able to dip in warm water, which will give you more comfort compared to the cold option. Find professionals to help you install water heaters in Orem or if you already have one and it is broken, consider having them fixed as soon as possible.

Scented Candles

The bathroom is where a lot of unpleasant smell is acceptable. These foul odors can be discomforting. If you want to stay in the bathroom for a long time, you will need scents to fight the bad smell. Scented candles provide you with numerous options for your preferred scent. However, you should consider keeping the scented candles area away from flammable items like the shower curtains and the toilet paper drawer. You may also use essential oils and incense if you are not a fan of melting wax.

Music Station

A lot of people listen to music to make themselves feel comfortable. However, putting your phone inside a wet area can damage your device. You will need to keep your phone far away from the bathtub. Fortunately, wireless connections allow you to play music even if your phone is in another room. You can install a shelf to hold your wireless speakers.

You will encounter a lot of creative ideas when trying to make your bathroom a comfortable space. You must be able to feel relaxed while taking a shower. These additions will help you achieve your goal.


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