Home Break-Ins Surge: Police Urges People to Be Extra Vigilant

Burglar entering to house trough glass doors

Police are warning residents to lock their homes and be extra vigilant as residential break-ins spike by 30 percent in Salt Lake City. Similar statistics are also being recorded in other areas of the state. Police are urging residents to take measures to protect themselves and their properties

Improve Home Security

Gone are the days when you can leave your front door open at night. Burglars will now check for open doors and windows or survey your house to find out if anyone is inside. Good thing superior locking mechanisms, security cameras, and home alarms can discourage robbers or alert authorities in case of break-ins. If you own expensive vehicles, consider installing better commercial garage doors to protect them.

Police are spread out and undermanned, often taking more than 15 minutes to reach the crime scene. Anything that can delay or identify the robbers can be a big help in recovering what they stole and putting them in jail.

Watch Over the Neighborhood

Sometimes, an extra pair of eyes can be an invaluable help. Get to know your neighbors or join a neighborhood watch. Report suspicious behaviors to your neighbors or the police and be on the lookout for unfamiliar faces lurking on your streets. The majority of break-ins are happening during the day, making them easy to spot if you have a vigilant neighbor or two.

Just be sure to confirm things with a neighbor before reporting to the police. They might be expecting packages or simply having some work done. Sometimes, the mere presence of a neighborhood watch (perhaps through signs) is enough to dissuade potential criminals. It indicates that the neighborhood looks out for its own, has measures to identify and track culprits, and has close ties to the police.

Train Guard Dogs

woman training 3 dogs

A man’s best friend is also one of the biggest weapons against robbers. Most of the break-ins recorded in Utah are usually related to prohibited substances, meaning the culprits are untrained and not experienced. A barking dog or two is usually enough to keep intruders from executing their plans. Criminals do not want a confrontation with a big and angry do,  especially ones that could bite.

While bigger dogs are more likely to repel intruders, smaller dogs with loud barks are also effective. These pets also alert you and your neighbors when something unusual or suspicious happens. The sudden barking can also put intruders into a state of panic.

Invest in Personal and Home Protection Options

Criminals under the influence of prohibited substances are among the most dangerous. As a last resort, consider investing in personal and home protection options — especially if you have kids in the house. Shotguns loaded with birdshot aren’t your only non-lethal options; pepper spray, stun guns, blinding flashlights, and even guns that shoot pepper capsules are available on the market.

If you opt for an actual firearm, make sure you keep it locked and inaccessible to children. Secure the necessary licenses and permits to avoid problems with the law.

Protecting your house and family from intruders and other felons is a serious matter. Take proactive measures to protect your home and coordinate with your neighbors and the police to keep your neighborhood safe.

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