Whatever Works: A Guide to In-Demand Work After the Pandemic

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There’s no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has already done its damage to the health and economy of countries in the world. The life of health professionals is spent revolving around the protection of infected people. Leaders of countries from the top-down are scrambling for solutions to this country-wide problem.

The pandemic has also affected how working professionals have been trying to make a living. Businesses have been forced to adapt; when you call roofing services companies, they’ll be taking your calls first and schedule appointments without having to go face to face. Some aren’t as lucky and have to take temporary jobs because they’ve lost their full-time ones.

If you’re looking for the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, it is there. Some businesses are getting back up and looking for able people. A lot have managed to move digitally. If you’re in the market for a job, then choose these careers that are in demand, even after the pandemic.

Possible Job: The Healthcare Field

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The healthcare department and the medical staff of different countries are valued for the work they do. While that may be the case, the fact is that during this time and due to the situation, there’s never been a perfect time for those looking for work in this field to apply for an opening.

The job is non-stop, and there’s always more room for healthcare assistants like nurses and doctors, pharmacists, and other people in this field.

While that may be the case, it’s everyone’s fervent wish for the situation to cool down and eventually dissipate, but who knows what’s next in line. After the pandemic, there’s going to be a greater need for more professionals in this field, given how uncertain the next pandemic outbreak might be.

Possible Job: Social Workers

While the medical profession is a hectic field right now, no one can write off social workers. There are a lot of children of healthcare workers right now that are facing uncertainties. The social workers are there to help answer their questions, aside from flat out provide any help they can.

If you’re a natural at helping people in whatever kind of trouble in society, then this job may be for you. You should look for an MSW (Master of Social Work) course or get a degree in this field. A solid career path would be as a caseworker with a vast knowledge of the field.

Once the pandemic dies down, there will be a lot of rehabilitation to be done in the community. A lot of social workers will be needed in this field by then.

Possible Job: The Tech and IT Industry

Another profitable industry these days is the IT and Tech industry. Many businesses have been affected by the pandemic, and they’ve resorted to having their workers work remotely. IT and tech professionals are at the forefront to make sure that the remote work infrastructure remains unscathed.

Many companies also maintain servers and other frameworks to make sure things run smoothly. If this is the work of the future, then there will be a near limitless need for IT administrators and other professionals in this field. If you think you’ve got your numbers right and see things in code (figuratively speaking), then this might be the job you’re looking for.

Possible Job: Data Science

If remote working is the future, then data should become more valuable as the year rolls by. Studies show that some employees are trying to get more ready for the rigors of the position. They are also not confident of their data analysis skills; their prospective employers might require more from them.

The new work from home scheme requires employees to possess skills in the blockchain, artificial intelligence, data visualization, and coding sectors. While there are those, who answered that working in such a field won’t faze them, the same cannot be said of the majority, who said that they wanted to learn more about these fields.

Possible Job: Digital Training

That problem also provides a solution: the job field for those who will train people in the digital way of doing business will be open. An employee who knows basic remote working and other data analysis jobs can earn a big premium if they capitalize on this niche early.

Most of those surveyed on their knowledge of data analysis are terribly lacking. This field can provide them with the training they need, and if you feel qualified, do consider working this.

These jobs have been around for a long time, but most of them only garnered this level of attention because of the pandemic. Consider working in this field if you think you’re up for it.

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