What to Consider Before Adding a Sunroom to Your Home

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Filled with sunlight, great views, and comfortable furniture, sunrooms are the perfect spot for sitting back and relaxing with a good book and a cup of tea. Since we’re still in the middle of a pandemic and unnecessarily going outside isn’t advised, a room that gives you the illusion of being outside while offering indoor comforts is a great thing to have in your home.

Of course, like any remodelling project, adding a sunroom requires extensive planning and research. A sunroom is a major addition to your property and is a huge undertaking. So before hiring builders for a house extension project like this, give the following a careful consideration:

1. The location

The first and most important thing to consider if you’re planning on adding a sunroom to your home is the structure’s location. You’d want to place it on the side of the house that gets the most hours of sunlight so you can maximise the room’s use. But you also have to consider the heat it will bring. So if you live somewhere usually warm, a north-facing sunroom will give you sunlight but will be shaded enough, so it’s still comfortable even in high temperatures. The same principle applies to homes in cooler climates, meaning a south-facing sunroom will be the most ideal.

2. The size

Another factor to consider before you build your sunroom is its size. Sunrooms typically act as a living space, one where family members or friends can gather depending on the occasion. However, sunrooms in some people’s homes are barely big enough for a couch. As such, you’d want it to be in a size where it’s still comfortable to be in with guests but not big enough that the structure sticks out from your home’s original architecture. What’s more, you also have to consider if you have enough land to build a sunroom on. Talk with experts about this so you can figure out the optimal sunroom size for you.

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3. The cost

Extending your home’s structure through a sunroom is no minor project. It will probably involve taking down an entire wall from your home’s original structure and purchasing different materials for the windows. You also have to consider the cost of furnishing it and regulating the temperature, especially when the weather is in the extremes. Evaluate your budget for this project and decide from there which features you can accommodate in your sunroom.

4. The functionality

Finally, you cannot forget to think about the functionality of the sunroom you’ll be adding to your home. What do you plan on using your sunroom for? Is it purely for relaxing with your family members, or do you envision making it a part of your garden parties in the future? With the room’s purpose in mind, you’d be able to choose the right design then outfit the room with the right features. Also, keep in mind that a sunroom that serves different purposes can exponentially increase the value of your property.

Talk to a contractor about these things before jumping in and building a sunroom. With these in mind while it’s being constructed, you’ll end up with a truly relaxing and beautiful sunroom.

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